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The Genealogy of Jesus
(Ruth 4:18–22; Luke 3:23–38)

1The booke of the generation of Iesvs Christ the sonne of Dauid, the sonne of Abraham.

2Abraham begate Isaac. And Isaac begate Iacob; Iacob begat Iudas and his brethren. 3And Iudas begate Phares, and Zara of Thamar; Phares begate Esrom; Esrom begate Aram. 4And Aram begate Aminadab; Aminadab begate Naasson; Naasson begat Salmon. 5And Salmon begate Booz of Rachab; Booz begat Obed of Ruth; Obed begat Iesse. 6And Iesse begate Dauid the King; Dauid the King begate Solomon of her that was the wife of Vrias. 7And Solomon begate Roboam; Roboam begate Abia; Abia begate Asa. 8And Asa begate Iosaphat; Iosaphat begate Ioram; Ioram begate Hozias. 9And Hozias begat Ioatham; Ioatham begate Achaz; Achaz begate Ezekias. 10And Ezekias begate Manasses; Manasses begate Amon; Amon begate Iosias. 11And Iosias begate Iakim; Iakim begate Iechonias and his brethren about the time they were caried away to Babylon.

12And after they were caried away into Babylon, Iechonias begate Salathiel. And Salathiel begate Zorobabel. 13And Zorobabel begate Abiud; Abiud begate Eliacim; Eliacim begate Azor. 14And Azor begate Sadoc; Sadoc begate Achim; Achim begate Eliud. 15And Eliud begate Eleazar; Eleazar begate Matthan; Matthan begate Iacob. 16And Iacob begat Ioseph ye husbad of Mary, of whom was borne Iesvs, that is called Christ.

17So all the generations fro Abraham to Dauid, are fourtene generations; fro Dauid vntil they were caried away into Babylon, fourtene generations: and after they were caried away into Babylon vntill Christ, fourteene generations.

The Birth of Jesus
(Isaiah 7:10–16; Luke 2:1–7)

18Nowe the birth of Iesvs Christ was thus, When as his mother Mary was betrothed to Ioseph, before they came together, shee was found with childe of the holy Ghost. 19Then Ioseph her husbande being a iust man, and not willing to make her a publike example, was minded to put her away secretly. 20But whiles he thought these things, behold, the Angel of the Lorde appeared vnto him in a dreame, saying, Ioseph, the sonne of Dauid, feare not to take Mary thy wife: for that which is conceiued in her, is of the holy Ghost. 21And she shall bring foorth a sonne, and thou shalt call his name Iesvs: for hee shall saue his people from their sinnes. 22And al this was done that it might be fulfilled, which is spoken of the Lord by ye Prophet, saying, 23Behold, a virgine shalbe with childe, and shall beare a sonne, & they shal call his name Emmanuel, which is by interpretation, God with vs. 24Then Ioseph, being raised from sleepe, did as the Angel of the Lorde had inioyned him, and tooke his wife. 25But he knew her not, til she had broght forth her first borne sonne, & he called his name Iesus.

Geneva Bible of 1587

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