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ḥê·wāh — 3 Occurrences

Daniel 4:16
HEB: יְשַׁנּ֔וֹן וּלְבַ֥ב חֵיוָ֖ה יִתְיְהִ֣ב לֵ֑הּ
NAS: from [that of] a man And let a beast's mind
KJV: man's, and let a beast's heart
INT: be changed mind A beast's be given seven

Daniel 7:5
HEB: וַאֲר֣וּ חֵיוָה֩ אָחֳרִ֨י תִנְיָנָ֜ה
NAS: another beast, a second
KJV: another beast, a second,
INT: and behold beast another A second

Daniel 7:7
HEB: לֵֽילְיָ֗א וַאֲר֣וּ חֵיוָ֣ה [רְבִיעָיָה כ]
NAS: a fourth beast, dreadful
KJV: a fourth beast, dreadful
INT: the night and behold beast fourth dreadful

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