2 Chronicles 12
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1And Rehoboam, the King, son of Solomon, was strengthened in Jerusalem and he became king. Rekhabaam was a son of forty and one years when he arose in the kingdom, and he reigned seventeen years in Jerusalem, the city that LORD JEHOVAH had chosen for himself from all the tribes of Israel to encamp his Shechinah glory there, and the name of his mother was Naama who was from Amon. 2And he did evil before LORD JEHOVAH and he did not order his heart for the worship of LORD JEHOVAH, to seek him with all his heart.

3And these are the accounts of Rehoboam, first and last, doing evil before LORD JEHOVAH God of Israel. And war was between Rekhabaam the son of Solomon and between Yorbaam, son of Nebat, all the days of his life. 4And Rekhabaam fell asleep with his fathers, and he was buried in the city of David, and Abia his son reigned in the kingdom after him.

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