2 Chronicles 11
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1And Rekhabaam came to Jerusalem and he gathered those of the house of Yehuda and the tribe of Benjamin, one hundred and eighty thousand men, wielders of the sword and workers of war, to fight with Israel to return the kingdom to Rekhabaam the son of Solomon. 2And the word of LORD JEHOVAH came to Shemaiah and said to him: 3“Speak to Rehoboam, the son of Solomon, King of Judea, and to the house of Benjamin and to all Israel, and to the rest of the people. Say to them: 4‘Thus says LORD JEHOVAH, you shall not go up, neither you shall fight. Return, each man to his house, because this word is from my presence.’” And they listened to the word of LORD JEHOVAH, and they turned, each man, to go to his house.

5And Yorbaam built Shekim in the mountain of the tribe of the house of Ephraim, and he dwelt in it and he went out from there and built Penuil. 6And Yorbaam said in his heart: “The kingdom is returning itself to the house of David. 7If it is that this people go up to make sacrifices in the house of LORD JEHOVAH in Jerusalem, and the heart of this people turns to their Lord, they will kill me and return the kingdom to Rehoboam, son of Solomon!” 8And the King was advised and he made two calves of gold and said to them: “It is much for you to go up! Why do you go up and go down to Jerusalem? These are your gods, Israel, who brought you up from the land of Egypt!” 9And he put one in Bayth Eil and the other he put in Dan. 10And this matter became a sin, and the people went unto Dan in front of one calf, and this matter became a sin to all the house of Yorbaam, to overthrow and to destroy from the Earth. 11In this time Abiyam the son of Yorbaam became ill, and Yorbaam said to his wife: “Arise now, and be disguised as a simple woman, neither will they know that you are the wife of Yorbaam, and you shall go to Shilo. Now Akhia the Prophet is there, he who told me when I arise, I would King over this people. 12And you shall go to him. He will reveal to you whatever happens to this boy.”

13And from the presence of LORD JEHOVAH it was said to Akhia: “Behold, the wife of Yorbaam comes to inquire an answer from you about her son who is ill. Thus and so you shall say to her, and it will be in her coming in; and she is disguised.”

14And it was that when Akhia heard the sound of her feet when she came in at the door, also he said to her: ”Come in, wife of Yorbaam! Why have you disguised yourself? And I am sent that I will tell you hard words. 15Go say to Yorbaam: ‘Thus says THE LORD of LORDS of Israel: I exalted you from the people and I have set you King over my people Israel. 16And I took the kingdom from the house of David, and I gave it to you, and you have not been like David my Servant who kept my commandments, and he walked in my law with all his heart to do what is beautiful in my presence. 17And you have done evil, doing more than all Kings who were before you, and you have gone, you have made for yourself idols of the nations and images to commit blasphemy before me, and my worship you have cast behind your back.”

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