2 Chronicles 20
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1And it was after these things, the sons of Moab and the sons of Amon came, and with them, men warriors, to make war with Yehoshaphat. 2And they came and they told Yehoshaphat and they were saying to him: “A great army has come against you from the other side of the Red Sea, and behold, they are camping in Jericho, this is Ayn Gad.” 3And he was afraid, and Yehoshaphat lifted his face to pray before LORD JEHOVAH, and he decreed fasting on all the house of Yehuda and said to them: “Be courageous, and come, we will beg before LORD JEHOVAH our God!” 4And all the house of Yehuda assembled and came also from the distant cities, and they came to inquire of LORD JEHOVAH.

5And Yehoshaphat stood within the people of Yehuda, within the house of LORD JEHOVAH that is in Jerusalem before the new gate. 6And he prayed and said thus: “LORD JEHOVAH, God of our fathers, you are God in Heaven, and you are authorized over all the kingdoms of the world, and yours is the power and the heroism, and I am standing before you and praying. 7And you are our God. You have destroyed the inhabitants of this land from before your people Israel, and you gave it to the seed of Abraham your friend for eternity. 8And they dwelt in it and they built the Holy Place in it for your name, and they were saying: 9‘From now on, because the Holy Place is with us, no evil is coming upon us, neither sword, neither judgment, neither the plague, and famine, and we will come and we will stand before this house and before you, because your name is called in this house, and we will pray before you in this house, and you will listen to the voice of our prayer and you will save us! 10Also now, behold the children of Amon and the mountain of Gabel and Moab that you had not given to Israel to be mixed with them, because you brought them out from the land of Egypt, and you removed the bondage of the Egyptians from them 11And behold, those pay us our compensation and they are coming that they would remove us from the inheritance that you bequeathed to us! 12LORD JEHOVAH, our God, be revealed and judge them, because there is no power in us to stand before them! Bring upon them the sword of your judgment! And we do not know what we will do, for we lift up our eyes unto you!”

13And all of the house of Yehuda were standing before LORD JEHOVAH, also their little ones, and their wives, and their sons, and their daughters.

14And Khezayel, son of Zechariah, son of Beniah, son of Yawida, son of Methanyah, a Levite from the sons of Asaph, upon him abode The Spirit of Power from before LORD JEHOVAH, and he was standing before the people of Israel. 15And he said: “Hear, all Yehuda and inhabitants of Jerusalem, and King Yehoshaphat: thus says LORD JEHOVAH your God, ‘You shall not be afraid and you shall not tremble from before this great army, because the battle is not yours, for the battle is LORD JEHOVAH’S! 16Hurry and go down against them! Behold, they are coming up at the rising of dawn, and you shall find them on the cliff of the valley before the wilderness. 17Those come up to fight with you, and at that hour, arise, and see the salvation that LORD JEHOVAH performs with you, those of the house of Yehuda and the inhabitants of Jerusalem! You shall not be afraid, neither tremble! Tomorrow go out before them, and The Lord, THE LORD of LORDS shall be for your aid!”

18And Yehoshaphat fell on his face on the ground, and he bowed and all the house of Yehuda, and the inhabitants of Jerusalem fell down, and they bowed before LORD JEHOVAH. 19And the Levites of the sons of Qahath and of the sons of Qorakh stood up to glorify LORD JEHOVAH, God of Israel, with a loud voice.

20And they arose at dawn, and they went out to the wilderness of Tequua, and when they went out, Yehoshaphat stood up and said: “Hear me, those of the house of Yehuda and the inhabitants of Jerusalem, and trust in LORD JEHOVAH your God, and you will be trusted, and trust in his Prophets and you shall be saved!” 21And he stood in the midst of the people and said: “Come, we shall confess LORD JEHOVAH and glorify the honor of his holiness when he goes out before our armies, and he does battle for us with our enemies!” And they were saying: “Give thanks to LORD JEHOVAH, because he is good, and his grace is to eternity!” The hills began singing and the mountains began dancing.

24And Yehuda came to the Mountain of the Watchmen of the wilderness, and they looked and behold, all their bodies were dead and were lying on the ground, and there was not a man of them who escaped. 25And Yehoshaphat and the people of Israel came to plunder their loot, and they found a great abundance of loot and possessions by them, and bridles and horses and desirable vessels, and they picked up for themselves whatever they wanted, and it was three days afterward when they had plundered the loot, because it was very abundant.

26And on the fourth day they were gathered to the Plain of Blessing, because there they blessed LORD JEHOVAH their God, and because of this, the name of that place has been called Burktha until today. 27And all the house of Yehuda returned to Jerusalem, and Yehoshaphat was at their front, because they were coming to Jerusalem in great joy, because LORD JEHOVAH welcomed them from their enemies. 28And they came to Jerusalem with hymns of praise and with harps and with the curved and straight horns, and they came to the house of LORD JEHOVAH. 29And the awe of LORD JEHOVAH fell on all the cities and upon their kingdoms when they heard that LORD JEHOVAH fought with the enemies of Israel. 30And the kingdom of Yehoshaphat came to rest, and LORD JEHOVAH gave it rest from its borders.

31And Yehoshaphat was made king over Yehuda. He was a son of thirtyfive years when he became king in the kingdom, and he reigned twenty and five years in Jerusalem, and the name of his mother was Aruba, daughter of Shalkhi. 32And he walked in all the ways of Asa his father and he did not turn from them, doing what is beautiful before LORD JEHOVAH. 33Only the high places he did not remove until now, and the people did not prepare their heart for the God of their fathers.

34And the rest of the words of Yehoshaphat, the first and the last, behold those are written in the words of Yehu, son of Khanan, which are written in the Book of the Kings of Israel.

35And after these things Yehoshaphat King of Yehuda came to Ekhazyah, King of Israel. He was wicked who abounded to do more evil than all of the Kings of Israel. 36And he came to him to make ships to go to Tarshish, and he made ships in the city Eetsinugbar. 37And Eliazar, the son of his paternal uncle, prophesied in the city Mareshah concerning Yehoshaphat and said to him: “By your partnership with Ekhazyah, LORD JEHOVAH has brought confusion to all your Servants, and the ships are broken and they are unable to go to Tarshish.

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