2 Chronicles 35
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1And Yoshiah made a feast in Jerusalem to LORD JEHOVAH, and he made the feast on the fourteenth of the first month. 2And he appointed Priests over their stations, and he appointed them over the work of the house of LORD JEHOVAH. 3And he said to the Levites who stand among all the children of Israel: “Be hallowed to LORD JEHOVAH and put the Ark of Holiness into the house that Solomon son of David King of Israel built. It is not for you to pick up on your shoulders again; therefore serve LORD JEHOVAH your God and his people Israel! 4And prepare your heart and the heart of your fathers, just as David King of Israel wrote and just as Solomon his son wrote 5And stand in holiness in the divisions of the house of your fathers, and of your brothers, the sons of the people in the divisions of the house of the fathers of Levi 6And kill the Passover and be hallowed and prepare the heart of your brethren, that they will do just as LORD JEHOVAH spoke with your brethren.”

7And Yoshiah set apart sheep and lambs and kids of goats for the children of the people, all these for the Passover; for all that was found, in number, thirty thousand, and three thousand bulls, these from the cattle of the King. 8And his Princes set apart for the people, for the Priests and for the Levites, Khelqia and Zekaryah and Nekhiel, the Princes of the house of LORD JEHOVAH set apart for the Priests and they gave for the Passover two thousand and six hundred sheep and three hundred bulls. 9And Kananyah and Shemaia, son of his brother, and Kheshabiyah and Yadayel set apart for the Levites for the Passover five thousand sheep and five hundred bulls.

10And the service was prepared, and the Priests stood on their places, and the Levites on their places 11And they slaughtered the Passover according to the commandment of the King and the Priests sprinkled some of the blood. 12And the Levites flayed and gave the sacrifices to the divisions of the fathers of the children of the people to bring to LORD JEHOVAH, according to what is written in the law of Moshe, and thus they were bringing from dawn to dawn. 13And they roasted the Passover in fire, just as is required for it, and the holy thing they cooked on fire in caldrons and in pots and large hanging pots, and all the children of the people were urgent. 14And after these things the Priests prepared their own for themselves, because the Priests, the sons of Aaron, were offering up sacrifices and fat unto the Levites, and the Levites prepared for themselves and for the Priests, the sons of Aaron. 15Because the sons of Asaph were serving on their places according to the commandment of David, and Haman and Yerithon gathered the Seers of the King and the Keepers of the Gates who were at every gate, and there was nothing of any of their works for them to attend to, because their brothers prepared them.

16And all the work of LORD JEHOVAH was prepared on that day to do the Passover, and they offered offerings on the altar of LORD JEHOVAH, according to the commandment of King Yoshiah. 17And the children of Israel who were present made Passover at that time, and the Feast of Unleavened Bread for seven days. 18For the feast had not been made in Israel like that from the days of Samuel the Prophet, and all the Kings of Israel had not done like that Passover that Yoshiah did, and the Priests and the Levites and all Yehuda and Israel who present were in Jerusalem. 19And in the eighteenth year of the kingdom of Yoshia this feast was made.

20After all these things when Yoshiah prepared the possessions of the house, Pharaoh the crippled King of Egypt went up to fight against Mabug that is by Euphrates, and Yoshiah went out to meet him. 21And he sent him Messengers and said to him: “What do I have with you, King of Yehuda? It was not against you I came today, King of Yehuda, because it was not against you I came to fight! LORD JEHOVAH told you to frighten me. Remove yourself from the God who is with me so that he will not destroy you!” 22And Yoshiah did not turn his face from him, because he was going to fight and do battle, and he did not listen to the words of Pharaoh the Cripple, and Yoshiah had not known that it was from before LORD JEHOVAH, and he went out to fight with him in the plain of Magdo. 23And Pharaoh the Cripple struck Yoshiah with two arrows, and the King said to his Servants: “Take me away, for I am struck with a mortal wound!” 24And his Servants took him from the chariot, and they set him in a twohorse chariot of his kingdom, and they brought him to Jerusalem and he died, and they buried him in the tombs of his fathers, and all of them of the house Yehuda and the inhabitants of Jerusalem were keeping lamentation for Yoshiah.

25And Jeremiah lamented for Yoshiah and said: “All righteous men and righteous women, weep for Yoshiah in your lamentations!” And until today he gave them as a covenant of Israel, and they are written in the Scroll of Lamentations. 26And the rest of the words of Yoshiah, and his grace according to what is written in the Torah of LORD JEHOVAH 27And his accounts, first and last, those are written in the Scroll of the Kings of Israel and of Yehuda.

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