2 Chronicles 34
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1Yoshiah was eight years old when he arose in the kingdom, and he reigned thirtyone years in Jerusalem. 2And he did what is beautiful before LORD JEHOVAH, and he walked in the ways of David his father, and he did not turn aside from them, not to the right, neither to the left.

3And in the eighth year of his kingdom until now, he has been a little boy, and he was beginning to pray to the God of David his father, and in the twelfth year was beginning to purify Yehuda and its inhabitants of Jerusalem, and he was beginning to uproot sacrifices and idols and leopards and shrines and necklaces and bells. 4And he broke down and broke up all trees that were made for the idols, and he scattered their ashes among the tombs of the children of men who were sacrificing to them. 5And the bones of the Priests who were working for them he dug from their graves, and he brought and he burned them and purified Yehuda and Jerusalem 6And the towns of the house of Manasheh and of the house of Aphreim and of Shimeon and of Naphtali in their streets as circling around. 7And he uprooted the altars and he shattered the images until he pulverized them like dust and scattered them into all the land of Israel, and he returned and he came to Jerusalem.

8And in the eighteenth year of his kingdom he purified the land of Israel and his house, and he sent Shaphan, son of Alatsia, and Massia the Scribe of the city, and said to them: “Go and repair the house of LORD JEHOVAH your God.” 9And they came to Khelqia the Great Priest and they gave the money that came to the house of LORD JEHOVAH which the Levites the Guards of the doors collected from the hand of Menasheh and of Aphreim, and from the hand of all Israel, and from all Yehuda and Benjamin, and from all of the inhabitants of Jerusalem. 10And they gave it to the hands of the Servants of the works who were authorized in the house of LORD JEHOVAH, and they gave the money to the Servants of the works of the house of LORD JEHOVAH for the repair and for the plastering of the house. 11And they gave to the Carpenters, and to the Builders, and to the Buyers of the precious gems, and wood for repair, and for the plastering of the house that the Kings of Yehuda had stripped. 12And the men were doing the works of the Holy Place in faithfulness, and Nakhat and Oubdaya sons of Merari and Zekaryah and Shalum sons of Qahath had authority over them, and the Singers and the Levites those who were singing with instruments of music 13And all the Workers of the works for the ministries, and from the Levites, the Scribes and the Commanders and the Porters.

14And when they were taking out the money that came into the house of LORD JEHOVAH, Khelqia the Priest found a scroll of the Torah of LORD JEHOVAH that had been given by the hand of Moshe. 15And Khelqia the Priest answered and said to Shaphan the Scribe: “I have found a scroll of the Torah in the house of LORD JEHOVAH!” And Khelqia the Priest gave the scroll to Shaphan. 16And Shaphan the Scribe told the King everything that Khelqia said to him, and he brought an answer and said to him: “Everything that you have given into the hands of your Servants, those things they do. 17And they brought out the money for the repair of the house of LORD JEHOVAH, and they gave the amount to the Superintendents and to the Workers of the work.” 18And Shaphan the Scribe told the King, and said to him: “Khelqia the Priest has given me a scroll”, and Shaphan read in it before the King.

19And it was that when the King heard the words of the Law, he tore his garments. 20And the King commanded Khelqia, and Akhiqam son of Shaphan, and Abakur son of Mikah, and Shaphan the Scribe, and Asa the Steward of the King, and he said to them: 21“Go pray before LORD JEHOVAH for me and for the people of Israel, and for Yehuda, because of the words of this scroll that was found, for the anger of LORD JEHOVAH which has come upon us is great, because our fathers did not listen to the words of LORD JEHOVAH, to do everything that was written concerning us in this scroll!”

22And Khelqia went on and all these whom the King sent to Khuldi the Prophetess, the wife of Shallum, son of Teqwa, son of Khadkhas, Keeper of Vessels, and she was residing within Jerusalem in study, and they spoke with her according to the commandment of the King. 23And she said to them: “Thus says The Lord of Lords of Israel, say to the man who sent you to me: 24“Thus says LORD JEHOVAH, behold I am bringing evil on this place and upon its inhabitants, all the curses that are written on the scroll which they read before the King of Yehuda 25Because they have forsaken me, and they were in awe of other gods, and they angered me by the work of their hands, and my anger shall come on this place and you shall not put it out. 26And to the King of Yehuda who sent you to inquire of LORD JEHOVAH, thus you will say to him: ‘thus says LORD JEHOVAH God of Israel. 27The words which you have heard, for the sake of which your heart is broken, and you trembled before LORD JEHOVAH when you heard these words that I bring on this place and upon its inhabitants, and you were broken before me, and tore your clothes and you wept before me, also I have heard, says LORD JEHOVAH. 28Because of this, I gather you to your fathers, and you shall be drawn to the house of your grave in peace, and your eyes shall not look on all the evil that I am bringing on this place and upon its inhabitants.’” And they returned the word to the King.

29And the King sent, and all the Elders of Yehuda and of Jerusalem were assembled to him. 30And the King came up to the house of LORD JEHOVAH, and all of the house of Yehuda and the inhabitants of Jerusalem, and the Priests and the Levites, and all the people, from the little one and unto the great one, and he read before them all of the words of the scroll of this covenant that was found in the house of LORD JEHOVAH.

31And the King stood in his place, and he swore an oath before LORD JEHOVAH to go after LORD JEHOVAH, to walk in his ways, and to keep his commandments, and his laws, and his testimonies with all the heart and with all the soul, to do the words of this covenant that are written in this scroll. 32And everyone whoever was found in Jerusalem and in Benjamin arose early, and the inhabitants of Jerusalem passed into the covenant of LORD JEHOVAH, God of their fathers. 33And Yoshiah removed the hateful works which LORD JEHOVAH destroyed from before the children of Israel, and he compelled all the people that were found in Israel and they worked for LORD JEHOVAH their God, and they did not go astray from following after the God of their fathers.

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