2 Chronicles 36
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1And the people of the land took Yahoakhaz, son of Yoshiah, and exalted him in the kingdom after his father in Jerusalem. 2Yahuakhaz was a son of twenty and three years when he arose in the kingdom, and he reigned three months in Jerusalem 3And the King of Egypt took him away. 4And he raised up Eliakim his brother over those of the house of Yehuda and over the inhabitants of Jerusalem, and he named his name Yoiqim, and Pharaoh the Cripple took Yehuakhaz his brother and led him to Egypt, and he died there.

5Yoiqim was a son of twenty and five years when he arose in the kingdom, and he reigned eleven years in Jerusalem, and he did evil before LORD JEHOVAH his God. 6Nebukadnetsar King of Babel went up against him and bound him in chains to carry him to Babel. 7And Nebukadnetsar brought some of all the vessels of the house to Babel, and he put them in his temple in Babel. 8And the rest of the accounts of Yoiqim and the detestable things that he did, behold, those are written on the Scroll of the Kings of Israel and of Yehuda, and Yuyaqin his son became king after him.

9Yuyaqin was a son of eighteen years when he arose in the kingdom, and he reigned a hundred days in Jerusalem, and did evil before LORD JEHOVAH.

10And at the end of the year, Nebukadnetsar King of Babel sent for him and brought him to Babel, him and the vessels of desire that were in the house of LORD JEHOVAH, and he raised up Tsedeqia his paternal uncle in the Kingdom over Yehuda and over Jerusalem.

11Tsedeqia was a son of twenty and one years when he arose in the Kingdom, and he reigned eleven years in Jerusalem. 12And he did evil before LORD JEHOVAH his God, and he did not revere Jeremiah the Prophet who had prophesied according to what came from the mouth of LORD JEHOVAH. 13Also he rebelled against Nebukadnetsar who made him swear in the name of LORD JEHOVAH, and he hardened his neck and hardened his heart and did not choose to pray before LORD JEHOVAH God of Israel. 14Also the Elders of the Priests and of the Levites and of the people increased to lie the lie, according to all the deeds of the Gentiles, and they defiled the holy house of LORD JEHOVAH in Jerusalem.

15And LORD JEHOVAH, God of their fathers, sent for them by the hand of his Messengers, early and late, because he showed pity on his people and upon the flock of LORD JEHOVAH. 16And they were laughing at the Messengers of LORD JEHOVAH, and scorning their words and laughing at his Prophets, until the anger of LORD JEHOVAH arose among his people until there was no healing for them. 17And he brought up the King of the Chaldeans upon them, and he killed their young men by the sword in the house of their sanctuary, and he showed no mercy on the boys or upon the virgin girls, or upon the Elders, neither on those sucking milk; all of them he delivered into his hand. 18And all vessels of the house of LORD JEHOVAH, great and small, and the treasure of the house of LORD JEHOVAH, and the treasure of the King and of his Princes, all of it he brought to Babel. 19And he burned the house of LORD JEHOVAH, and he broke down the walls of Jerusalem, and all her palaces he burned in fire, and every desirable vessel he destroyed. 20And he brought out those who escaped from the sword into captivity to Babel, and they were Servants to him and to his children, until he handed the kingdom over to the Persians 21That the word of LORD JEHOVAH that Jeremiah the Prophet had spoken would come to fulfillment, until the land would rest in its Sabbaths all the days, that it would be deserted to complete seventy years

22In the year one of Cyrus the Persian King, that the word of LORD JEHOVAH by the mouth of Jeremiah the Prophet would come to fulfillment, LORD JEHOVAH awakened the spirit of Kurash the Persian King, and he brought a voice into all his kingdom, also his name was called in writing: 23“Thus says Kurash, the Persian King: all the kingdoms of Earth LORD JEHOVAH God of Heaven has given to me, and he has given command concerning me that I will build a house for him in Jerusalem which is in Yehuda! Who is there among you of all the people of LORD JEHOVAH in whom his God is pleased? He shall go up! He shall come to me!”

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