2 Chronicles 4
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1And he made an altar of brass, ten cubits its length, and ten cubits its width, and ten cubits its height. 2And he made a sea which was smelted, ten cubits from its rim to its rim, the inner part as a circle, and five cubits its height, and a cord of thirty cubits around it from all its sides. 4And it stood on twelve oxen, three facing the north, and three facing to the south, and three facing the west, and three facing to the east, and the sea over them from above and all their hind quarters on the inside. 5And its thickness, a hands breadth, and the rim of the sea as the round rim of a cup that is very beautiful, and he made ten poles, and he put five at the right side and five at the left, by which to hold up the altar of burnt offering.

6And he made ten basins of brass, and he put five at the right hand and five at the left for the Priests in which to wash their hands and their feet.

7And he made ten lamp stands of gold, according to their laws, and he put them in the temple, five at the right side and five at the left. 8And again he made ten tables and he set them in the temple, five at the right hand and five at the left, and he made fire pans of pure gold, a hundred and twenty.

9And he made one great courtyard for the Priests and for the Levites, and he covered the doors and bars with brass. 10And the sea he set at the side of the north side, and it faced toward the south wind.

18And Solomon made all these implements that abounded greatly; there was not a computation for the weight of brass of these implements that Solomon made.

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