2 Chronicles 5
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1And all the work that Solomon made in the house of LORD JEHOVAH was ended, and Solomon brought the holy things of David his father, silver and gold and vessels; he collected them and he brought, he put them in the treasure house of LORD JEHOVAH.

2Then Solomon assembled all of the Elders of Israel, Chiefs of the tribes and the Princes of the fathers of the children of Israel, and they came to King Solomon at Jerusalem to bring up the Ark that had the Covenant of LORD JEHOVAH in it, from the City of David which is Zion. 3And they assembled and they came to King Solomon to Jerusalem in the month of Ab, in the Feast of Tabernacles, that is the seventh month. 4And all the Elders of Israel came, and the Priests picked up the Ark. 5And they brought up the Ark of LORD JEHOVAH and the Tabernacle of Assembly and all the implements of Holiness that were in the tent, and the Priests and the Levites brought them up. 6And King Solomon and all the people were prepared standing before the Ark, and they sacrificed sheep and oxen which are without number and are not estimated by their multitude. 7And the Priests brought the Ark of LORD JEHOVAH and placed the ark in its place in the house of the Holy of Holies under the wings of the Cherubim. 8And the Cherubim were extending over the place of the Ark and the Cherubim were covering over the Ark and over its poles from above. 9And its poles were long and they were seen outside, and they have been there until today. 10Nothing is in the Ark except the two tablets of stone which Moshe put there when he came down from the Mountain of Sinai. This is the Covenant that LORD JEHOVAH gave the children of Israel when they went out from the land of Egypt.

11And it happened that when the Priests went out from the House of the Ministry, because all of the Priests who were found there entered the House of the Ministry 14And the Priests were unable to stand and to minister from before the cloud, because the house of LORD JEHOVAH was filled with the brightness of his Shechinah.

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