2 Corinthians 9
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1But concerning the ministration of the Saints, I make it redundant if I write to you. 2For I knew the readiness of your minds and because of this I boasted of you to the Macedonians that Akaia was ready from last year and your zeal has excited many. 3But I sent the brethren lest our boasting would be empty which we boasted about you concerning this matter, that you would be prepared, 4Lest you come with me to Macedonia and they find you unprepared and we would be ashamed; for we would not say that you would be ashamed by that boasting which we boasted. 5Therefore it has been taken care of by me to ask of these my brethren to come beforehand to you and to prepare the blessing, for from the first you submitted that it should be prepared in this way as a blessing, not to be according to greed,

6But this, “Whoever sows frugally also reaps frugally, and whoever sows with bounty shall reap with bounty”; 7Every man according to what he is in his mind and not according to grief or of compulsion, for God loves the joyful giver. 8But God is able to multiply every favor toward you that you may always have whatever is sufficient for you in all things and that you may superabound in every good work,

9According to what is written: “He has dispersed and he has given to the poor, and his righteousness stands for eternity.”

10But he who gives seed to the sower and bread for food, he shall give and multiply your seed and increase the fruit of your righteousness, 11That you may be enriched in all things with the entire right of an heir- that which perfects thanksgiving to God by us. 12Because the labor of this service not only satisfies the want of the Saints, but also abounds in much thanksgiving to God. 13For because of the experience of this service, they glorify God that you submitted to the confession of The Gospel of The Messiah, and you became partners in your right of heirship with them and with every person. 14And they offer prayer for you with the love of many because of the abundance of the grace of God which is upon you. 15But thank God for his unspeakable gift.

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