2 Kings 5
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1And Naaman, Captain of the army of the King of Edom, was a great man before his Master, and praised among persons, because by him LORD JEHOVAH performed salvation for Edom, and the man Naaman, a mighty man of power, was a leper. 2And the Edomites went out with robbers and took captive from the land of Israel a small girl, and she was in the presence of the wife of Naaman. 3And she said to her mistress: “His blessing to my Lord if he will go to the Prophet that is in Samaria. He would heal him at once of his leprosy!” 4And they entered and revealed to her Master, and they said to him: “Thus and thus said a girl who from the land of Israel.” 5And the King of Edom said to him: “Come, go, I shall send a letter to the King of Israel.” And he went on and he took in his hand ten talents of silver and six thousand pieces of gold, and ten suits of garments.

6And he brought a letter to the King of Israel, and thus it was written in it: “In the hour which this letter comes to you, behold, I have sent to you Naaman my Servant. Heal him of his leprosy.” 7And when the King of Israel read the letter, he ripped his clothes and said: “Am I God, to kill and to give life, that he has sent this man to me? Shall I heal a man of his leprosy? Therefore know and see that surely he picks a fight with me!”

8And when Elisha the Prophet of God heard that the King tore his clothes, he sent to the King and said to him: “Why have you ripped your garments? Let him come to me and he shall know that there is a Prophet in Israel.” 9And Naaman came on his horse and with his chariots, and he stood at the door of the house of Elisha. 10And Elisha sent to him by a Messenger: “Go immerse yourself seven times in the Jordan, and your flesh shall return upon you, and it shall be cleansed.” 11And Naaman was angry and he went on and said: “I said that coming out he would come forth to me and would stand, and he would cry out in the name of LORD JEHOVAH his God, and he would shake his hand over the place, and I would be healed from the leprosy! 12Are not Amnan and Pharpar, rivers of Darmsuq, better than all the waters of Israel? I would go wash in them and I am cleansed!” And he turned and he went on in anger. 13And his Servants approached and they were saying to him: “Our Lord, if the Prophet had spoken a great word to you, it was right for you to do it, but behold, the answer is a little one. He said to you: ‘Go wash and be purified.’ 14And he listened to their voice, and he did so, and he went on and he washed seven times in the Jordan, according to the word of the Prophet of God. And his flesh returned like the flesh of a young boy, and he was cleansed.

15And he returned to the Prophet of God, he and all his army, and he came and stood before him, and said to him: “Now I know that there is no God in all the Earth but only in Israel! And now take this blessing from your Servant!” 16And Elisha said: “As LORD JEHOVAH is living before whom I stand, I shall not take it!” And he begged of him to take it, and he was not willing. 17And Naaman said: “And why ever not would be given to your Servant two mules’ loads of soil, because your Servant again makes no burnt sacrifices and sacrifices to another god, but only to LORD JEHOVAH alone! 18And for this matter, let LORD JEHOVAH forgive your Servant when my Lord enters into the house of Ramun to worship there, and he leans on my hands, and I will bow down in the house of Ramun, and whenever I bow down in the house of Ramun, let LORD JEHOVAH forgive your servant for this matter!” 19And he said to him: “Go in peace!” And he went on from his presence about a pharsakh of distance.

20And Gekhazi the disciple of Elisha, the Prophet of God, said:“Behold, my Lord spared Naaman the Edomite and has not taken from him the thing that he brought. As LORD JEHOVAH is living, I shall run after him and I shall take something from him.” 21And Gekhazi ran after Naaman, and Naaman saw that he ran after him, and came down from his chariot to meet him, and he said to him: “Do you bring peace?” 22And he said: “Peace! My Lord has sent me and said, now two men of the sons of the Prophets have come to me from the Mountain of Aphreim. Give to them a talent of silver and two sets of garments.” 23And Naaman said: “I beg you, take two talents!” And he urged him, and he bound up two talents in two cloths and two pairs of garments. And he gave it to both his Servants, and they carried it before him. 24And they came to a secret place of a mountain, and he took from them, and he kept it in a house, and he sent the men and they went. 25And he came and stood before his Master, and Elisha said to him: “From where, Gekhazi?” And he said: “Your Servant did not go anywhere.”

26And Elisha said to him: “My heart showed me when the man came down from his chariot to meet you. Is this time that you may gain for yourself money, and you would gain clothing and olive trees and vineyards and sheep and bulls and Servants and Maids? 27The leprosy of Naaman shall cleave to you and to your seed for eternity!” And he went out from his presence as a leper, like snow.

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