2 Kings 6
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1And the sons of the Prophets said to Elisha: “This place where we are dwelling before you is confined for us. 2Let us go to the Jordan, and we will cut off from there each man a beam and we will make for you a place to dwell there.” And he said, “Go!” 3And one of them answered and said: “If you are willing, go with your Servants.” And he said: “I shall go.” 4And he went on with them, and they came to the Jordan and they cut trees. 5And one of them, when felling a beam, his iron fell into the water, and he wailed and said: “I beg of you my Lord! It was loaned to your Servant!” 6And the Prophet of God said to him: “Where did it fall?” And he showed him the place, and he cut off wood and threw it there, and the iron floated. 7And he said: “Pick up what is yours!” And he reached his hand and he took it.

8And the King of Edom fought with Israel, and he took counsel, he and his Servants, and he said: “Lie in wait and hide in a certain place.” 9And the Prophet of God sent to the King of Israel, and he said to him: “Beware you do not pass this place, because there the Edomites are laying wait!” 10And the King of Israel sent to the place that the Prophet of God told him, and he warned him that he would beware of the place, not once or twice.

11And the heart of the King of Edom was troubled because of this matter, and he called his Servants and said to them: “Will you not show me who of ours is for the King of Israel?!” 12And one of his Servants answered and said: “It was not from ours, my Lord King, but Elisha is there, the Prophet of Israel, showing to the King of Israel the thing that you did in the bedroom of your apartment.” 13And he said: “Go see where he is! I shall send and I shall take him!” And they told him and they said to him, “Behold, in Duthan!” 14And he sent there horses and chariots and a powerful army and they came in the night and surrounded the city.

15And the Minister of the Prophet of God arose to go out and he went out and he saw the army that surrounded the city, and the horses and chariots, and his young Manservant said to him: “Oh, my Lord! what shall we do?” 16And he said to him: “Do not be afraid, because those with us are more than those with them!” 17And Elisha prayed before LORD JEHOVAH, and he said: “LORD JEHOVAH, open the eyes of the boy, and he will see!” And LORD JEHOVAH opened the eyes of the boy, and he saw, and behold, the mountain was filled with horses and chariots of fire around Elisha. 18And they came down to them and Elisha prayed before LORD JEHOVAH and said: “Strike this people with hallucinations!” And he struck them with hallucinations according to the word of Elisha. 19And Elisha said to them: “This is not the road and this was not the city! Come after me and I shall bring you to the man whom you seek!” And he took them to Samaria.

20And when they entered Samaria, Elisha said: “LORD JEHOVAH, open the eyes of these and they shall see!” And LORD JEHOVAH opened their eyes, and they saw, and behold, they were within Samaria. 21And the King of Israel said to Elisha, when he saw them: “Shall I strike them, my father?” 22And he said to him: “You shall not strike with your sword and strike with your bow those whom you have captured! You set bread and water before them! They will eat and they will drink and they will go to their Master.” 23And he prepared for them a great meal, and they ate and they drank, and they went to their Master, and the bands of robbers of Edom did not come again to the borders of Israel.

24And after that BarHadad the King of Edom gathered all his army and he came up and he encamped against Samaria and he fought with it. 25And there was a great famine in Samaria when those were encamping against it, until the head of a donkey was sold for eighty pieces of silver and a fourth of a qab of the dung of doves for five pieces of silver. 26And the King of Israel was passing by on the wall, and one woman cried out before him and said: “Save me, my Lord King! 27And he said to her: “LORD JEHOVAH shall save you! From where shall I save you, from the granary or from the winepress?” 28The King said to her: “What has happened to you?” She said to him: “This woman said to me, “Give your son; we will eat him today, and my son we will eat tomorrow. 29And we boiled my son and we ate him, and I said to her the next day: ‘Give your son; we shall eat him’, and she hid her son!” 30And when the King heard the words of the woman as he walked on the wall, he ripped his clothes, and the people saw that sackcloth was worn on his body on the inside. 31And he said: “So God shall do to me and so he will add to me if the head of Elisha son of Shaphat will remain upon him today!”

32And Elisha dwelt in his house, and the Elders were sitting before him, and he sent a man from before him, and before the Messenger would come to him, he said to the Elders: “You have seen that this son of a killer sent to take my head! See when the Messenger comes, lock the door and keep him outside, because the sound of the feet of his Master comes after him!” 33And while he was speaking with them, the Messenger came to him and said: “Behold, this evil is from before LORD JEHOVAH! Why shall I pray again to LORD JEHOVAH?”

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