Amos 8
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1Thus The Lord of Lords has shown me, and behold, the sign of the end! 2And said LORD JEHOVAH to me: ’what have you seen, Amos?’ And I said: ‘the sign of the end!’ And LORD JEHOVAH said to me: ’the end has arrived upon my people, Israel, and I shall no more remove it from them!’ 3And the praises of the temple shall fall in that day; in that day, says The Lord of Lords, corpses shall abound in every place and they shall be cast to destruction

4Hear these things, despisers of the poor and destroyers of the afflicted of the land!”

5And they were saying: ”When will the month pass and we will buy grain and the Sabbath will pass and we will open the stores, and we will make small measures and we will make large shekels and we will make a scale of deceit

6And we will sell the poor for silver and the afflicted in exchange for refuse, and we will sell the dregs of the storehouses

7LORD JEHOVAH, The Mighty One of Yaqob, has sworn: "I shall not forget all their works for eternity!

8Because of these things, will not the land be shaken and all of its inhabitants will dwell in mourning, and its end shall come up like a river, and it shall drive out and it shall go down like the river of Egypt

9And it will be in that day, says LORD JEHOVAH, I shall make the sun set at noonday and I shall darken the land in the daylight

10And I shall turn your feasts into grieving and all your singing into lamentation, and I shall gird sackcloth on all your loins and baldness upon all your heads, and I shall make it as the grieving of an only son and its end as a bitter day

11Behold, days are coming, says LORD JEHOVAH, and I shall send a famine in the earth, not a hungering for bread and not a thirsting for water, but for hearing the word of LORD JEHOVAH

12And they will be assembled from Sea and unto Sea, and from the North and unto to the East, and they will run to inquire the word of LORD JEHOVAH and they shall not be able

13In that day the beautiful virgins shall stagger, and the young men in thirst

14Who have been swearing by the idols of Samaria and they were saying: ’Your god is living, Dan, and the way of Beersheba lives, and they shall fall and they shall not rise!’

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