Ezekiel 44
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1And he returned me to the way of the outer gate of the Holy Place that faces to the East, and I saw it that it was shut 2And LORD JEHOVAH said to me: “This gate shall be shut and it shall not be opened, and no man shall enter by it, because LORD JEHOVAH, The God of Israel, enters by it. It shall be shut 3The Governor shall sit in it and he shall eat bread before LORD JEHOVAH; he shall enter from the way of the gate of the porch, and he shall come forth from it

4And he brought me to the way of the northern gate that was before the house, and I saw that the house was filled with the glory of LORD JEHOVAH, and I fell on my face 5And LORD JEHOVAH said to me: “Son of man, put into your heart and see with your eyes and hear with your ears everything that I speak with you, and all the laws of the house and all its designs, and put into your heart the entrances of the house and the exits of the Holy Place 6And say to the rebellious house of Israel: “Thus says THE LORD OF LORDS: ‘Are all your abominations not enough for you, house of Israel? 7But you also bring from the children of foreigners who are uncircumcised in their heart and uncircumcised in their flesh, and they are in my Holy Place, and they pollute my house, and you offer with my bread the fat and the blood, and you nullify my covenant with all your abominations 8And you do not keep guard of my Holy Place, but you have made the Keepers of the Guard of my Holy Place your Guards

9Thus says THE LORD OF LORDS: no son of foreigners who is uncircumcised in his heart and uncircumcised in the flesh shall enter into my Holy Place, and no son of foreigners that is among the children of Israel 10Neither the Levites who separated from me when the sons of Israel went astray from me after their idols, and they bore their evil 11And they were in my Holy Place and they were ministering in the gates of the house. They shall slaughter burning peace offerings and sacrifices of the people, and they shall stand before them and shall minister to them 12Because they ministered to them before their idols, and they were a stumbling block of evil to the children of Israel; because of this, I have lifted my hands against them, says THE LORD OF LORDS, and they bear their evil 13And they shall not approach before me to minister to me, neither shall they come near to all my holy things among The Holy of Holies, and in their shame they shall bear all of it and all their abominations that they have done 14And I shall make them the Keepers of the Guard of the house, and workers of the service of everything that is in it

15And the Priests and the Levites, the sons of Tsadoq, who kept guard of my Holy Place when the sons of Israel went astray from me, they shall approach me to minister to me, and they shall stand before me and shall offer to me the fat and the blood, says THE LORD OF LORDS 16Those shall enter into my Holy Place, and they shall approach my table so that they shall serve me, and they shall keep my observances 17And when they enter into the gate of the court, they shall wear inner garments of linen, and they shall not wear any wool, also when they serve in the gate of the inner courtyard 18Also when inside, they shall put a turban of linen on their heads, and they shall tie a girdle of linen on their waists 19And when they go out to the outer courtyard to the people, they shall strip their garments in which they minister, and they shall leave them in the chambers of Holiness, and they will wear other garments, so that they will not hallow the people in their own garments 20They shall not shave their heads; they shall not grow their curls, but they shall surely crop their heads 21And the Priests shall not drink wine when they enter the inner courtyard 22And they shall not take for themselves a widow or a divorced woman as wives, but they shall take only a virgin of the seed of Israel, or a widow who is the widow of a Priest 23And they shall teach my people between holiness and common, and they shall make known between impure and pure 24And they will arise to judge for judgments, and they shall judge in my judgments, and they shall keep my law and my commandments in all the times of my appointed meetings, and they shall hallow my Sabbaths 25And they shall not come to the dead body of a son of man, that they shall not be defiled, but only for his father, or for his mother, or for his son, or for his daughter, or for his brother, or for his virgin sister who had no husband, may they be defiled 26And after he is defiled, he will number seven days for himself, and then he shall be purified 27And in the day that he enters the Holy Place to the inner courtyard to serve in Holiness, he shall offer for his purification, says THE LORD OF LORDS

28And it shall be their inheritance. I am their inheritance, and you shall not give a portion to them in Israel. I am their portion 29The meal offering and the purification of the sin offering they shall eat, and every devoted thing that is in Israel shall be theirs 30And the first of all first born ones of all your offering that you offer shall be the Priests’, and the first of your dough give to the Priests that a blessing may be in your houses 31And anything that suffers pain or is broken, of bird or of beast, the Priests shall not eat

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Ezekiel 43
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