Ezekiel 45
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1And whenever you divide the land, separate a division to LORD JEHOVAH, and hallow some land, and its length will be twenty and five thousand, and its width ten thousand, and all its borders shall be holy around it 2And there shall be for the Holy Place five hundred by five hundred, and there shall be an enclosure as a circle, and fifty cubits for its open courtyard 3And from this the measure is: the length twenty and five thousand, and the width ten thousand, and The Holy of Holies shall be in it 4And the holy place of land shall be for the Priests that serve in the holy place of LORD JEHOVAH and are brought near for his service to LORD JEHOVAH, and they will have a place for houses, and a holy place for the Holy Place 5And the length shall be twenty and five thousand and the width ten thousand, and twenty houses will be an inheritance for the Levites who serve in The House

6The inheritance of the city is five thousand in width and twenty and five thousand in length. It shall be next to the division of the Holy Place for all of the house of Israel

7And for the Ruler of the people, for a division of Holiness and for an inheritance of the city, from the East and from the West, and the length shall be equal to the division from East to West 8It shall be an inheritance to the children of Israel, and the Rulers of my people shall not harm them again, and they shall give the land to the children of Israel for their tribes

9Thus says THE LORD OF LORDS: “It is enough for you Princes of Israel! Put away from you plunder and spoil and execute judgment and righteousness and remove your oppression from my people, says THE LORD OF LORDS!

10You shall have a scale of truth and a measure of truth and a weight of truth 11Make ready a measure and a weight that you will be taking up tithes, one part of ten, equally 12And there shall be twenty shekels, plus a shekel from them twenty and five minas, plus a shekel of fifteen shall be for you one mina

13This is the offering: offer one of six parts of a cor of wheat and one of six parts of a cor of barley 14And oil of ten measures that is a cor. They shall receive a tenth measure each 15And one ewe of every two hundred sheep of Israel for the meal offering, and for the offering, and for the burning peace offering that will purify them, says THE LORD OF LORDS 16All the people of the land shall separate this gift for the Ruler of Israel 17And there shall be burning peace offerings and fine wheat flour and a drink offering for the Ruler on the first of the month, and on the Sabbaths, and in all the feasts of the house of Israel. He shall offer the purification of sin and fine wheat flour and a burning peace offering, a gift that purifies the children of Israel

18Thus says THE LORD OF LORDS: “In the first day of the first month, take a bull, a son of a herd that has no flaw in it and purify the Holy Place 19And the Priest shall take from the blood of purification and he shall sprinkle on the door posts of the house and upon the four corners of the altar and upon the posts of the gate of the inner court 20And thus a man who does wrong and goes astray shall be doing on the seventh of the month, and they shall cleanse the house

21And on the fourteenth of the first month shall be Passover and the feast for you, and you shall eat unleavened bread seven days 22And the Leader shall offer a bull in that day for the sake of his soul, and for the sake of all the people of the land, for the purifying of sin 23And during the seven days of the feast he shall offer burning peace offerings to LORD JEHOVAH, seven oxen and seven rams without a flaw in them, for the purification of sin, and a male kid of the goats by day 24And a bushel basket of fine wheat flour for the bull, and a bushel basket for the ram, and a hin of oil for a bushel basket 25And in the fifteenth of the seventh month, he shall make a feast like these seven days according to the purification of sin, and according to burning peace offering, and according to the meal offering, and according to the oil

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