Genesis 10
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1And these are the generations of the children of Noah, Sheem and Kham and Yapheth, and children were born to them after the flood.

2The children of Yaphet: Gamar and Magog and Maday and Yavan and Tubyl and Meshek and Tyras. 3And the children of Gamar: Ashknaz and Dayphar and Tugarma. 4And the children of Yavan: Elisha and Tarshish and Katheem and Doraneem. 5And from these they are set apart in the islands of the nations in their lands, a man to his language, by their families in their nations.

6And the children of Kham: Cush and Metsraym and Phut and Canaan. 7And the children of Cush: Sheba and Khavila and Sabta and Rama and Sebathka; and the children of Rama: Sheba and Daran. 8And Cush begot Nemruud; he began to be a champion in the earth. 9He was a champion hunter before LORD JEHOVAH; because of this, it is said, “As Nimruud the champion hunter before LORD JEHOVAH.” 10And it was the beginning of his Kingdom of Babel, and Arak and Akar and Kalia in the land of Senar. 11From that land the Assyrians went out and built Nineva and the city Rakhbuth and Kalakh. 12And Rasaan of the house of Nineva and the house of Kalakh, it is a great city. 13And Metsraym begot Ludeem and Yabeem, Lahbeem and Yaphtukheem. 14And Pathruseem and Kaslukheem, for the Philistines and Qapaduqians had gone from there.

15And Canaan begot Tsidon, his firstborn, and Khethites, 16And Yebusites, and Amorites, and Gergusites, 17And Kharites, and Arqites, and Sinites, 18And Arudites, and Tsamrites, Khamathites, and after this the families of the Canaanites were spread out. 19And the border of the Canaanites was from Tsidon, that was in the entrance of Gadar, and unto Aza that was in the entrance of Sadom, and of Ammora and of Adma and of Tsebuim unto Lesha. 20These are the sons of Kham with their families with their languages, in their lands, in their nations.

21And Sheem begot sons also, the father of all children of Eber, the brother of Yapheth the great. 22The children of Sheem: Ilam and Ashur, and Arphakshar, and Lud and Aram. 23And the children of Aram: Uts and Khul and Gathar and Mash. 24And Arphakshar begot Shalakh and Shalakh begot Abar. 25And to Abar were born two sons: the name of one, Palag, because in his days the Earth was divided, and the name of his brother, Yaqtan. 26And Yaqtan begot Elmodad and Shalaph, and Khetsarmuth, and Yarakh, 27And Hadoram, and Uzel, and Deqla, 28And Ubal, and Abimal, and Sheba, 29And Auphir, and Khwila, and Yubab all of them; these are the children of Yaqtan. 30And their dwelling was from Manasheh that is in the entry of Sepharweem, a mountain in the East. 31These are the sons of Sheem with their families, with their languages, in their lands, in these their peoples.

32The families of the children of Noah with their generations with their families among their peoples; and from these the nations in the earth were set apart after the flood.

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