Job 20
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1And Tsuphar the Namthite answered and said:

2“Because my goings were discerned, and for my sake they persisted for me

3The instruction of my reproof I shall hear, and the spirit of my understanding will answer me

4This I have known from the world from when Adam was created on the Earth, from The Maker of man on the Earth

5Because the boasting of the wicked from within them, and the rejoicing of the godless one until now is for a little time

6If his height ascends to Heaven and his head will arrive to the clouds

7As a hurricane he will be destroyed for eternity; those who saw him will say: ‘Where is he?’

8And like a dream he will fly and will not be found, and he will flee as a vision of the night

9The eye that saw him will not see him again, and they will consider his place no more

10His sons will be broken in poverty and his hands he will reach out to his child

11His bones are filled with marrow and will lie down with him on the Earth

12If his evil will be sweet in his mouth and he will hide deceit under his tongue

13He will show sympathy for it and he will not forsake it or restrain it within his darkness

14His bread in his stomach will be turned, and the venom of The Dragon is within him

15And the food that he swallowed he will vomit from his belly and God will destroy him

16The venom of the asp he will pour out and the tongue of an asp will kill him

17He will not see the tributaries of rivers, and of torrents of honey and of butter

18He will return to labor and he will not swallow with strength; his barter he shall not enjoy

19For he thought to forsake the poor, and a house of violence will not be built up

20Because he did not know his judgment in his gut, and by his lusts he will not escape

21There is none who escapes from his generations, therefore his good will not remain

22In the measure that he measured he shall be paid, and every hand of the evil will come upon him

23And his conception will be for destruction, and the heat of his anger will be prolonged in him and it will rain upon him with its warlike strength

24For he fled from breastplates of iron, a bow of brass will shoot through him

25It is drawn and it brings out his insides and the skin of his gall will be pierced; truly power is against him

26And all darkness is hidden for his generations; fire will consume him that he will not breathe, and a survivor will do evil in his tabernacle

27Heaven will reveal his sins and Earth will be avenged on him

28The foundations of his house will be exposed, and he will be scourged in the day of rage

29This is the portion of a wicked son of man from before God, and the inheritance that will fill him from The Highest”

The Peshitta Holy Bible Translated
Translated by Glenn David Bauscher
Glenn David Bauscher
Lulu Publishing
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