Job 21
Peshitta Holy Bible Translated Par ▾ 
1And Job answered and said:

2“Listen to hear my words and it will be understanding among you

3Be patient with me and I shall speak, and after my words, mock on

4I shall speak my words to a son of man: ‘why is my spirit distressed?

5Return to me and marvel, and put your hands on your mouth!

6For if I remembered I was disturbed, and terror seized my flesh

7Because, why are the wicked alive and mighty men of power growing old?

8Their seed are established before them, and their children in their sight

9Their households are quieted of fear and there is no rod of God upon them

10His ox breeds and does not bellow, and his cow brings forth and it is not destroyed

11Their sons are firm as a flock, and their children dance

12They picked up tambourines and harp and rejoiced to the voice of singing

13They spend their days in prosperity, and quickly to Sheol they descend

14And they were saying to God: ‘Depart from us’, and ‘We do not want to know your ways!’

15And they were saying: ‘Who is God that we would serve him, or what do we gain that we should seek him?’

16Behold, their benefit was not by their hands, and the thinking of the wicked is far from me

17How often the lamps of the wicked will be extinguished, and ruin will come upon them! He will distribute corruption in his anger!

18And they shall be as straw before the wind and like chaff that a tornado picks up!

19God keeps his evil for his children and he will pay him and he will know

20His eyes will see his destruction, and he will drink from the anger of God

21What is the pleasure in his house after him, and the number of his months kept for his children?

22Do you teach God knowledge? For he will judge the proud!

23For if this one should die in the strength of full age, he is trusting and quiet

24And his sides are filled with fat, and his bones are filled with marrow

25That one will die in a soul of bitterness and not eat in prosperity

26They lie down together on the Earth, and worms will cover them

27Behold, I know your thoughts and the counsels that you are counseling about me

28Because you have said: ‘Where is the house of the righteous one, and what is the dwelling of the tent of the wicked?’

29For have you not asked passersby of the road, and have you not perceived their signs?

30Because the evil is kept for the day of destruction and he is remembered for the day of rage

31Who is showing him the way, and who is paying him what he did?

32But he goes to the tomb and is kept for an accident

33Deep caves of a torrent swallow him, and every person is dragged after him and before him without number

34And how will you comfort me with futility, and have the answers of the reprobate given profit before me?”

The Peshitta Holy Bible Translated
Translated by Glenn David Bauscher
Glenn David Bauscher
Lulu Publishing
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