Job 22
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1And Eliphaz the Taymanite answered, and he said:

2“Do you, a man, speak with God , that you are equal with him in wisdom?

3And what is the gain that you perfect your ways from your fear?

4He will rebuke you and will enter into judgment with you

5Behold, your evil is great and there is no end to your sin

6Because you took the tent of your brothers for nothing and you stripped the garments of the naked

7You gave no water for the weary to drink and from the hungry you have withheld bread

8There is a man who sows the land for himself , and a lord will take it from him by force

9A widow you have sent away with nothing and the arm of the orphan was brought low

10Because of this, snares surround you and fear shakes you suddenly

11From where the darkness is, you have not seen, and pouring forth of waters will cover you

12Behold, God lifts up Heaven and he sees the top stars that are exalted

13And you said: ‘What does God know? Will he judge within the thick darkness?’

14Clouds are for his shelter and they do not see, and upon the orb of Heaven he walks

15Have you kept the way of the world that the people of lying trod that was not in their time?

16And at crossing of the river they were stopped and they did not remember him who laid their foundations

17And they were saying to God: ‘depart from us, and we do not want to know your ways, and what does God do for us?’

18And he fills their households with blessing and the scheming of the evil was kept far from them

19The righteous shall see and they will rejoice and the innocent ones will mock at them

20But they will be humbled from their hardness and fire will consume their remnant

21But make an agreement with him and hand over some of your good crops

22Accept the law from his mouth and he shall put his words in your heart

23If you are converted to God, you will be built up, and if you will put evil far from your dwelling

24And you will accumulate silver as the dust, and the gold of Ophir like the sand of the valley

25And God will be for your help and you shall have accounting money

26And you will lift your face to God

27And you will pray before him and he will hear you and you will hand over your vows

28And you will speak a word and it will happen to you, and upon your ways the light will dawn

29Because he who is humbled, he says that he will be lifted up, and he whose his eyes are meek shall be redeemed

30The innocent will escape where he is, and he will escape by the purity of his hands”

The Peshitta Holy Bible Translated
Translated by Glenn David Bauscher
Glenn David Bauscher
Lulu Publishing
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