Job 7
Peshitta Holy Bible Translated Par ▾ 
1Now there is time for a person on the Earth, and like the days of a hired man are his days

2And like a Servant who waits for the shade, and like a hired man who waits to finish his work

3In this way I have inherited for myself worthless months, and I had countless nights of pain

4If I lie down, also I say, ‘when shall I arise?’ And I stretch out the evening and lie down, and I tremble until dawn

5My flesh wears worms and my body, the dust; my skin is shriveled and rotted

6My days are swifter than a spider’s web and they are consumed without hope

7I will remember that The Spirit is life, and you shall turn my eyes back to see the goodness

8The eye that sees me will not rejoice for me, and your eyes are on me, and I am not

9As a cloud disappears and departs, in this way he who has descended to Sheol does not go up

10And he does not return again to his house and he is not known again to his place

11Also I shall not restrain my mouth, I shall speak in the grief of my spirit and I shall narrate in the bitterness of my soul

12Am I the sea or a dragon that you post a watch over me?

13Because I said, ‘you will comfort me and I shall take heart from the agony of my lying down’

14And behold, you have disturbed me with dreams, and with visions you have terrified me

15And you picked my soul out of destruction, and my bones from death

16I have lost hope for myself and I am not living to eternity. Depart from me, for my days are empty!

17What is man that you would destroy him and you would set your heart upon him?

18And would you visit at dawn, and at that time would you test him?

19And how long will you not leave me? Will you not leave me until I swallow my spittle?

20If I have sinned, what shall I do to you, The Maker of Man? Why have you appointed me that I would meet with you, and you have been a burden to me?

21And how long will you not forgive my debt and remove my sins? For now I shall lie down on the dust, and you will seek me, and I am not!”

The Peshitta Holy Bible Translated
Translated by Glenn David Bauscher
Glenn David Bauscher
Lulu Publishing
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