Numbers 11
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1And when the people were complaining, it was evil before LORD JEHOVAH, and LORD JEHOVAH heard and his wrath was provoked and kindled the fire of LORD JEHOVAH among them and consumed in the surroundings of the camp. 2And the people cried out to Moshe and Moshe prayed before LORD JEHOVAH and the fire ceased. 3And he called the name of that region “The Burning”, because the fire of LORD JEHOVAH burned among them.

4And a mixed multitude that were among them lusted lust and returned; they caused weeping also for the children of Israel and they were saying, “Who will feed us meat? 5We recall the fish that we were eating in Egypt without charge, and cucumbers and melons and leeks and onions and garlic. 6And now, behold, our soul has wasted away and there is nothing but this Manna before our eyes.”

7And manna was like the seed of coriander and its color like the color of pearl. 8And the people were walking around and they gathered it and were grinding it at the mill or were beating it in a mortar and were boiling it in pots and they made cake from it and its taste was like the taste of dough with oil. 9And whenever the dew descended on the camp in the night, Manna came down upon it.

10And Moshe heard the people weeping among their families, each man in the door of his tent, and the wrath of LORD JEHOVAH was provoked, and it seemed evil also in the eyes of Moshe. 11And Moshe said to LORD JEHOVAH: “My Lord, why have you done evil to your Servant and why have I not found mercy in your eyes, that you have laid upon me all the weight of this people? 12Have I conceived all this people or have I given birth to it, that you say to me, ‘Take it up into your bosom like a nurse taking up an infant, to the land that I swore to their fathers?.’ 13From where do I have meat that I shall give to all this people that weep upon me and they say, ‘Give us flesh to eat? 14I cannot endure all this people alone, because it is too hard for me. 15If you do so to me, kill me please, if I have found mercy in your eyes, and I shall not see my misery.”

16And LORD JEHOVAH said to Moshe: “Gather to me seventy men from the Elders of Israel, those whom you know, those who are the Rulers of the people and its Scribes, and take them to the Time Tabernacle, and they will be prepared there with you. 17And I shall come down and I shall speak with you there and I shall take away from the Spirit that is upon you and I shall put it upon them and they shall bear with you in the burden of this people and you shall not bear it alone.”

18And Moshe said to the people: “Be hallowed tomorrow, for you shall eat meat, because you have wept before LORD JEHOVAH and you have said, ‘But Who will feed us meat, because that was good to us in Egypt’, and LORD JEHOVAH will give you meat that you may eat. 19You shall not eat it one day nor two days, nor five days, neither ten days, neither twenty days. 20For a month of days you shall eat it until it goes out of your noses and you shall have nausea, because you rejected LORD JEHOVAH Who is among you and you wept before LORD JEHOVAH and you said, ‘Why have we come out from Egypt?.’”

21And Moshe said before LORD JEHOVAH: “The people among whom I am are six hundred thousand footmen, and you have said: ‘I shall give flesh to them and they shall eat a month of days.’ 22If sheep and oxen are slaughtered for them, what do they do for them? And if all of the fish of the sea are caught for them, how are they filled with them?” 23And LORD JEHOVAH said to Moshe: “The hand of LORD JEHOVAH is full; now you shall see if My word comes to pass or not.”

24And Moshe went out and told the people the answer of LORD JEHOVAH and he gathered seventy men from the Elders of the people and he stood them around the Tabernacle. 25And LORD JEHOVAH came down in the cloud and he spoke with him and took from the Spirit that was upon him and he gave to the seventy men, the Elders, and when the Spirit abode upon them they prophesied and they did not repeat.

26And two men were left in the camp; the name of one, Eldad, and the name of the other, Midad, and the Spirit dwelt upon them, also those were written down and they did not come to the Tabernacle and they prophesied in the camp. 27And a young man ran and he showed Moshe and said to him: “Eldad and Midad, behold they prophesy in the camp.” 28And Husha Bar Nun the Servant of Moshe from his childhood answered and said to him: “My Lord Moshe, forbid them.” 29Moshe said to him: “Do not be jealous for me; for who makes all the people of LORD JEHOVAH prophets? It is because LORD JEHOVAH puts his Spirit upon them.” 30And Moshe entered the encampment, he and the Elders of Israel.

31And the Spirit moved on from before LORD JEHOVAH and brought up quails from the sea and poured them on the camp a day’s journey here and a day’s journey there around the camp, and there were about two cubits on the face of the ground. 32And the people arose all that day and all night and all day after it and they gathered the quails; the one that gathered ten cors had little, and they spread them out like a spread all around the camp. 33The flesh was yet between their teeth and before it had passed through, the wrath of LORD JEHOVAH prevailed over the people and LORD JEHOVAH struck the people with a plague that was very great. 34And he called the name of that country “The Tombs of Lust”, because there they performed a burial for the people who lusted lust. 35And from Qabrey D'Regta “The Tombs of Lust”, the people moved to Khatseroth and they were in Khatseroth.

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