Isaiah 31
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1Woe [to] those going down to Egypt for help, "" And [who] lean on horses, "" And trust on chariots, because [they are] many, "" And on horsemen, because [they are] very strong, "" And have not looked on the Holy One of Israel, "" And have not sought YHWH.

2And He [is] also wise, and brings in evil, "" And He has not turned aside His words, "" And He has risen against a house of evildoers, "" And against the help of workers of iniquity.

3And the Egyptians [are men], and not God, "" And their horses [are] flesh, and not spirit, "" And YHWH stretches out His hand, "" And the helper has stumbled, "" And the helped one has fallen, "" And together all of them are consumed.

4For thus said YHWH to me: “As the lion and the young lion growl over his prey, "" Against whom a multitude of shepherds is called, "" He is not frightened from their voice, "" And he is not humbled from their noise; So YHWH of Hosts comes down "" To war on Mount Zion, and on her height.

5As birds flying, so does YHWH of Hosts "" Cover over Jerusalem, covering and delivering, "" Passing over, and causing to escape.”

6Turn back to Him from whom sons of Israel "" Have deepened apostasy. 7For in that day each despises His idols of silver, and his idols of gold, "" That your hands made to you—a sin.

8And Asshur has fallen by sword, not of the high, "" Indeed, a sword—not of the low, consumes him, "" And he has fled for himself from the face of a sword, "" And his young men become tributary.

9And he passes on [to] his rock from fear, "" And his princes have been frightened by the ensign—a declaration of YHWH, "" Who has a light in Zion, "" And who has a furnace in Jerusalem!

Literal Standard Version
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