Isaiah 32
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1Behold, a king reigns for righteousness, "" As for princes, they rule for judgment.

2And each has been as a hiding place [from] wind, "" And as a secret hiding place [from] inundation, "" As streams of waters in a dry place, "" As a shadow of a heavy rock in a weary land.

3And the eyes of beholders are not dazzled, "" And the ears of hearers attend.

4And the heart of those hurried understands to know, "" And the tongue of stammerers hurries to speak clearly.

5A fool is no more called “noble,” "" And to a miser it is not said, “rich”;

6For a fool speaks folly, "" And his heart does iniquity, to do profanity, "" And to speak error concerning YHWH, "" To empty the soul of the hungry, "" Indeed, he causes the thirsty to lack [their] drink.

7And the miser—his instruments [are] evil, "" He has counseled wicked schemes, "" To corrupt the poor with lying sayings, "" Even when the needy speaks justly.

8And the noble counseled noble things, "" And he rises up for noble things.

9Women, easy ones, rise, hear my voice, "" Daughters, confident ones, give ear [to] my saying,

10In days and a year "" You are troubled, O confident ones, "" For harvest has been consumed, "" The gathering does not come.

11Tremble, you women, you easy ones, "" Be troubled, you confident ones, "" Strip and make bare, with a girdle on the loins,

12They are lamenting for breasts, "" For fields of desire, for the fruitful vine.

13Over the ground of my people thorn [and] brier go up, "" Surely over all houses of joy of the exulting city,

14The palace has been left, "" The multitude of the city forsaken, "" Fort and watchtower have been for dens for all time, "" A joy of wild donkeys—a pasture of herds;

15Until the Spirit is emptied out on us from on high, "" And a wilderness has become a fruitful field, "" And the fruitful field is reckoned for a forest.

16And judgment has dwelt in the wilderness, "" And righteousness remains in the fruitful field.

17And a work of the righteousness has been peace, "" And a service of the righteousness—Keeping quiet and confidence for all time.

18And My people have dwelt in a peaceful habitation, "" And in steadfast dwelling places, "" And in quiet resting places.

19And it has hailed in the going down of the forest, "" And the city is low in the valley.

20Blessed [are] you sowing by all waters, "" Sending forth the foot of the ox and the donkey!

Literal Standard Version
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