Jeremiah 15
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1And YHWH says to me: “Though Moses and Samuel should stand before Me, "" My soul is not toward this people, "" Send from before My face, and they go out.

2And it has come to pass, when they say to you, "" To where do we go out? That you have said to them, "" Thus said YHWH: Those who [are] for death—to death, "" And those who are for the sword—to the sword, "" And those who are for famine—to famine, "" And those who are for captivity—to captivity.

3And I have appointed four kinds over them,” "" A declaration of YHWH, "" “The sword to slay, and the dogs to drag, "" And the bird of the heavens, "" And the beast of the earth, to consume and to devour. 4And I have given them for a trembling "" To all kingdoms of the earth, "" Because of Manasseh son of Hezekiah king of Judah, "" For that which he did in Jerusalem.

5For who has pity on you, O Jerusalem? And who bemoans for you? And who turns aside to ask of your welfare?

6You have left Me,” "" A declaration of YHWH, "" “You go backward, "" And I stretch out My hand against you, "" And I destroy you, "" I have been weary of relenting,

7And I scatter them with a fan, "" In the gates of the land, "" I have bereaved [them], "" I have destroyed My people, "" They did not turn back from their ways.

8Its widows have been more to Me than the sand of the seas, "" I brought on them—against the mother—A young man—a spoiler—at noon. I caused wrath and trouble to fall on her suddenly.

9The bearer of seven has languished, "" She has breathed out her spirit, "" Her sun has gone in while yet day, "" It has been ashamed and confounded, "" And I give up their remnant to the sword before their enemies,” "" A declaration of YHWH.

10Woe to me, my mother, "" For you have borne me, "" A man of strife and a man of contention to all the land, "" I have not lent on usury, "" Nor have they lent on usury to me—All of them are reviling me.

11YHWH said, “Did I not direct you for good? Did I not intercede for you in a time of evil, "" And in a time of adversity, with the enemy?

12Does one break iron, "" Northern iron and bronze?

13I give your strength and your treasures for a prey—not for price, "" Even for all your sins, and in all your borders.

14And I have caused your enemies "" To pass over into the land [that] You have not known, "" For a fire has been kindled in My anger, "" It burns against you.”

15You, You have known, O YHWH, "" Remember me, and inspect me, "" And take vengeance for me of my pursuers, "" In Your long-suffering do not take me away, "" Know [that] I have borne reproach for You.

16Your words have been found, and I eat them, "" And Your word is to me for a joy, "" And for the rejoicing of my heart, "" For Your Name is called on me, O YHWH, God of Hosts.

17I have not sat in an assembly of deriders, "" Nor do I exult, because of your hand—I have sat alone, "" For You have filled me [with] indignation.

18Why has my pain been continuous? And my wound incurable? It has refused to be healed, "" You are surely as a failing stream to me, "" Waters [that are] not steadfast.

19Therefore, thus said YHWH: “If you turn back, then I bring you back, "" You stand before Me, "" And if you bring out the precious from the vile, "" You are as My mouth! They return to you, "" And you do not return to them.

20And I have made you to this people "" For a wall—bronze—fortified, "" And they have fought against you, "" And they do not prevail against you, "" For I [am] with you to save you, "" And to deliver you,” "" A declaration of YHWH,

21“And I have delivered you from the hand of evildoers, "" And I have ransomed you "" From the hand of the terrible!”

Literal Standard Version
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