Proverbs 6
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1My son! If you have been guarantor for your friend, "" Have struck your hand for a stranger,

2Have been snared with sayings of your mouth, "" Have been captured with sayings of your mouth,

3Do this now, my son, and be delivered, "" For you have come into the hand of your friend. Go, trample on yourself, and strengthen your friend,

4Do not give sleep to your eyes, "" And slumber to your eyelids,

5Be delivered as a roe from the hand, "" And as a bird from the hand of a fowler.

6Go to the ant, O slothful one, "" See her ways and be wise;

7Which has no captain, overseer, and ruler,

8She prepares her bread in summer, "" She has gathered her food in harvest.

9Until when, O slothful one, do you lie? When do you arise from your sleep?

10A little sleep, a little slumber, "" A little clasping of the hands to rest,

11And your poverty has come as a traveler, "" And your want as an armed man.

12A man of worthlessness, a man of iniquity, "" Walking [with] perverseness of mouth,

13Winking with his eyes, speaking with his feet, "" Directing with his fingers,

14Contrariness [is] in his heart, devising evil at all times, "" He sends forth contentions.

15Therefore his calamity comes suddenly, "" He is broken instantly—and no healing.

16These six has YHWH hated, "" Indeed, seven [are] abominations to His soul:

17High eyes, "" False tongues, "" And hands shedding innocent blood,

18A heart devising thoughts of vanity, "" Feet hastening to run to evil,

19A false witness [who] breathes out lies, "" And one sending forth contentions between brothers.

20Keep, my son, the command of your father, "" And do not leave the law of your mother.

21Bind them on your heart continually, "" Tie them on your neck.

22In your going up and down, it leads you, "" In your lying down, it watches over you, "" And you have awoken—it talks [with] you.

23For the command [is] a lamp, "" And the Law a light, "" And a way of life [are] reproofs of instruction,

24To preserve you from an evil woman, "" From the flattery of the tongue of a strange woman.

25Do not desire her beauty in your heart, "" And do not let her take you with her eyelids.

26For a harlot consumes to a cake of bread, "" And an adulteress hunts the precious soul.

27Does a man take fire into his bosom, "" And are his garments not burned?

28Does a man walk on the hot coals, "" And are his feet not scorched?

29So [is] he who has gone in to the wife of his neighbor, "" None who touches her is innocent.

30They do not despise the thief, "" When he steals to fill his soul when he is hungry,

31And being found he repays sevenfold, "" He gives all the substance of his house.

32He who commits adultery [with] a woman lacks heart, "" He who does it is destroying his soul.

33He finds a stroke and shame, "" And his reproach is not wiped away,

34For jealousy [is] the fury of a man, "" And he does not spare in a day of vengeance.

35He does not accept the appearance of any atonement, "" Indeed, he does not consent, "" Though you multiply bribes!

Literal Standard Version
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