Psalm 132
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1A SONG OF THE ASCENTS. Remember, YHWH, for David, all his afflictions;

2Who has sworn to YHWH, "" He has vowed to the Mighty One of Jacob:

3“If I enter into the tent of my house, "" If I go up on the couch of my bed,

4If I give sleep to my eyes, "" To my eyelids—slumber,

5Until I find a place for YHWH, dwelling places for the Mighty One of Jacob.”

6Behold, we have heard it in Ephratah, "" We have found it in the fields of the forest.

7We come into His dwelling places, "" We bow ourselves at His footstool.

8Arise, O YHWH, to Your rest, "" You, and the Ark of Your strength,

9Your priests put on righteousness, "" And Your pious ones cry aloud.

10For the sake of Your servant David, "" Do not turn back the face of Your anointed.

11YHWH has sworn truth to David, "" He does not turn back from it: “Of the fruit of your body, "" I set on the throne for you.

12If your sons keep My covenant, "" And My testimonies that I teach them, "" Their sons also forever and ever "" Sit on the throne for you.”

13For YHWH has fixed on Zion, "" He has desired [it] for a seat to Himself,

14“This [is] My rest forever and ever, "" Here I sit, for I have desired it.

15I greatly bless her provision, "" I satisfy her poor [with] bread,

16And I clothe her priests [with] salvation, "" And her pious ones sing aloud.

17There I cause a horn to spring up for David, "" I have arranged a lamp for My Anointed.

18I clothe His enemies [with] shame, "" And His crown flourishes on Him!”

Literal Standard Version
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