Psalm 30
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1A PSALM. A SONG OF THE DEDICATION OF THE HOUSE OF DAVID. I exalt You, O YHWH, "" For You have drawn me up, "" And have not let my enemies rejoice over me.

2My God YHWH, I have cried to You, "" And You heal me.

3YHWH, You have brought up my soul from Sheol, "" You have kept me alive, "" From going down [to] the pit.

4Sing praise to YHWH, you His saints, "" And give thanks at the remembrance of His holiness,

5For—a moment [is] in His anger, "" Life [is] in His goodwill, "" At evening remains weeping, and at morning singing.

6And I have said in my ease, “I am not moved for all time.

7O YHWH, in Your good pleasure, "" You have caused strength to remain for my mountain,” "" You have hidden Your face—I have been troubled.

8To You, O YHWH, I call, "" And to YHWH I make supplication.

9“What gain [is] in my blood? In my going down to corruption? Does dust thank You? Does it declare Your truth?

10Hear, O YHWH, and favor me, O YHWH, be a helper to me.”

11You have turned my mourning to dancing for me, "" You have loosed my sackcloth, "" And gird me [with] joy.

12So that glory praises You, and is not silent, "" O YHWH, my God, I thank You for all time!

Literal Standard Version
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