Psalm 31
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1TO THE OVERSEER. A PSALM OF DAVID. In You, O YHWH, I have trusted, "" Do not let me be ashamed for all time, "" In Your righteousness deliver me.

2Incline Your ear to me quickly, deliver me, "" Be to me for a strong rock, "" For a house of bulwarks to save me.

3For You [are] my rock and my bulwark, "" For Your Name’s sake lead me and tend me.

4Bring me out from the net that they hid for me, "" For You [are] my strength.

5Into Your hand I commit my spirit, "" You have redeemed me, YHWH God of truth.

6I have hated the observers of lying vanities, "" And I have been confident toward YHWH.

7I rejoice, and am glad in Your kindness, "" In that You have seen my affliction, "" You have known my soul in adversities.

8And You have not shut me up, "" Into the hand of an enemy, "" You have caused my feet to stand in a broad place.

9Favor me, O YHWH, for distress [is] to me, "" My eye, my soul, and my body "" Have become old by provocation.

10For my life has been consumed in sorrow "" And my years in sighing. My strength has been feeble because of my iniquity, "" And my bones have become old.

11I have been a reproach among all my adversaries, "" And to my neighbors exceedingly, "" And a fear to my acquaintances, "" Those seeing me without—fled from me.

12I have been forgotten as dead, out of mind, "" I have been as a perishing vessel.

13For I have heard an evil account of many, "" Fear [is] all around. In their being united against me, "" They have devised to take my life,

14And I have trusted on You, "" O YHWH, I have said, “You [are] my God.”

15In Your hand [are] my times, "" Deliver me from the hand of my enemies, "" And from my pursuers.

16Cause Your face to shine on Your servant, "" Save me in Your kindness.

17O YHWH, do not let me be ashamed, "" For I have called You, let the wicked be ashamed, "" Let them become silent to Sheol.

18Let lips of falsehood become mute, "" That are speaking against the righteous, "" Ancient sayings, in pride and contempt.

19How abundant is Your goodness, "" That You have laid up for those fearing You, "" You have worked for those trusting in You, "" Before sons of men.

20You hide them in the secret place of Your presence, "" From schemes of man, "" You conceal them in a dwelling place, "" From the strife of tongues.

21Blessed [is] YHWH, "" For He has made His kindness marvelous "" To me in a city of bulwarks.

22And I have said in my haste, “I have been cut off from before Your eyes,” "" But You have heard the voice of my supplications, "" In my crying to You.

23Love YHWH, all you His saints, "" YHWH is keeping the faithful, "" And repaying a proud doer abundantly.

24Be strong, and He strengthens your heart, "" All you who are waiting for YHWH!

Literal Standard Version
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