Psalm 45
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My Heart Is Stirred by a Noble Theme
(1 Kings 3:1–15; 2 Chronicles 1:1–13; Psalm 72:1–20)

1To the overseer over the lilies, for the sons of Korah, instruction: a song of the beloved. My heart boiled over a good word: I say my works to the king: my tongue the pen of one writing promptly.

2Thou wert very beautiful above the sons of man: grace was poured forth by thy lips: for this God praised thee forever.

3Gird thy sword upon the thigh, thou strong one in thy majesty and thine honor.

4And in thy splendor prosper thou riding upon the word of truth and humility, of justice; and thy right hand shall teach thee wonderfully.

5Thine arrows being sharpened peoples shall fall under thee as the heart of the king's enemies.

6Thy throne, O God, forever and ever: a rod of straightness the rod of thy kingdom.

7Thou lovedst justice, and thou wilt hate injustice: for this, God thy God anointed thee with the oil of joy above thy companions.

8Myrrh and aloes, cassia, all thy garments, from the temples of ivory, by which they gladdened thee.

9King's daughters among thy beautiful ones: the queen stood at thy right hand, in gold of Ophir.

10Hear, O daughter, and see, and incline thine ear, and forget thy people and thy father's house;

11And the king shall desire for himself thy beauty, for he is thy Lord; and worship thou to him.

12And the daughter of the rock with a gift; and the rich of the people shall supplicate thy face.

13All glory the king's daughter, in front: her clothing textures of gold.

14With variegation she shall be brought to the King; the virgins after her, her companions, being brought to thee.

15They shall be brought with gladness and joy: they shall come into the temple of the king.

16Instead of thy fathers shall be thy sons; thou shalt set them for chiefs in all the earth.

17I will cause thy name to be remembered in every generation and generation: for this the peoples shall praise thee forever and ever.

The Holy Bible Containing the Old and New Testaments; Translated Literally From The Original Tongues by Julia E. Smith

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