Psalm 44
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Redeem Us, O God
(Romans 8:35–39)

1To the overseer for the sons of Korah: of instruction. O God, with our ears we heard; our fathers recounted to us the work thou didst in their days, in days of old.

2Thou didst with thy hand drive out the nations and thou wilt plant them; thou wilt pluck in pieces the people, and thou wilt send them forth.

3For by their sword they possessed not the land, and their arm saved them not: for thy right hand and thine arm, and the light of thy face, for thou didst delight in them.

4Thou art he my King, O God: command the salvation of Jacob.

5In thee we will thrust our enemies: in thy name we will tread down those rising up against us.

6For I will not trust in my bow, and my sword will not serve me.

7For thou savedst us from our enemies, and those hating us thou didst make ashamed.

8In God we praised all the day, and thy name we will celebrate forever. Silence.

9But thou didst reject, and thou wilt shame us, and not go forth with our armies.

10Thou wilt turn us back from the enemy: and those hating us spoiled for themselves.

11Thou wilt give us as sheep for food, and thou didst scatter us among the nations.

12Thou wilt sell thy people without riches, and thou didst not increase by their price.

13Thou wilt set us a reproach to our neighbors, and a derision and scorn to them round about us.

14Thou wilt set us a parable among the nations, a shaking of the head among the peoples.

15All the day my shame before me, and the confusion of my face covered me,

16From the voice of him reproaching and reviling, from the face of the enemy and avenger.

17All this came to us, and we did not forget thee, and we lied not in thy covenant.

18Our heart drew not back, and thou wilt not incline our going from thy path;

19For thou didst crush us in the place of jackals, and thou wilt cover over us with the shadow of death.

20If we forgat the name of our God, and stretched out our hands to a strange god:

21Will not God search this out? for he knew the secrets of the heart.

22For, for thee we were killed all the day; we were reckoned as sheep of the slaughter.

23Awake, why wilt thou sleep, O Jehovah? awake, thou wilt not reject forever.

24Why wilt thou hide thy face? wilt thou forget our affliction and our oppression?

25For our soul was bowed down to the dust: our belly was glued to the earth.

26Arise a help for us, and redeem us for sake of thy mercy.

The Holy Bible Containing the Old and New Testaments; Translated Literally From The Original Tongues by Julia E. Smith

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