Psalm 68
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God’s Enemies Are Scattered

1To the overseer; to David chanting of a song. God will rise; his enemies shall be scattered, and they hating him shall flee from his face.

2As smoke being dispersed thou wilt disperse: as wax melting from the face of fire, the unjust shall perish from the face of God.

3And the just shall be glad; they shall rejoice before God, and they shall rejoice with gladness.

4Sing ye to God; play on the harp to his name: raise him up to ride in the evenings, in Jah his name, and rejoice before him.

5A father of orphans and a judge of widows, God in his holy habitation.

6God setting the only ones in the house, bringing forth the bound into prosperities, but those turning away dwelt in a dry land.

7O God, in thy going forth before thy people, in thy stepping in the desert. Silence.

8The earth shook, also the heavens dropped from the face of God, this Sinai from the face of God, the God of Israel.

9Thou wilt scatter a rain of abundance, O God, to thine inheritance, and being weary thou didst make it firm.

10Thy living ones dwelt in it: thou wilt prepare in thy goodness for the poor, O God.

11Jehovah will give the word: to those announcing good news a great army.

12Kings of armies will flee away, they will flee away, and she resting in the house will divide the spoil.

13If ye shall lie down within the stalls, the wings of the dove being covered with silver, and her wing feathers with yellowness of gold.

14In the Almighty scattering kings in it, it shall be snow white in Salmon.

15The mountain of God the mountain of Basilan; the mountain of height the mountain of Bashan.

16Wherefore will ye lie in wait, ye mountains of heights? the mountain God desired to dwell in it: also Jehovah will dwell forever.

17The chariot of God twice ten thousand thousands upon thousands: Jehovah among them, Sinai in the holy place.

18Thou didst go up to height, thou didst take captive captivity: thou didst receive gifts in man, also those turning away, for Jehovah God to dwell.

19Praised be Jehovah; day by day the God of our salvation will lift up to us. Silence.

20The God to us a God for salvations; and to Jehovah the Lord the goings forth to death.

21Also God will crush the head of his enemies, the crown of him going about in his faults.

22Jehovah said, I will turn back from Bashan; I will turn back from the depths of the sea:

23So that thy foot shall shake in blood, the tongue of thy dogs from the enemies of him.

24They saw thy goings, O God; the goings of my God, my King, in the holy place.

25The chiefs went before, they playing on instruments, after; in the midst, girls beating the tabret.

26Praise ye God in the assemblies, Jehovah from the fountain of Israel.

27Then little Benjamin in a deep sleep, the chiefs of Judah their throng, the chiefs of Zebulon, the chiefs of Naphtali.

28Thy God commanded thy strength: strengthen, O God, this thou didst for us.

29From thy temple at Jerusalem kings shall bring a gift to thee.

30Rebuke the beasts of the reed, the assembly of the strong ones, with the heifers of the peoples, prostrating themselves with pieces of silver: scatter the peoples, they will delight in wars.

31The rich shall come out of Egypt; Cush shall cause its hand to run to God.

32Ye kingdoms of the earth, sing to God; play on the harp to Jehovah. Silence.

33To him riding upon the heavens of heavens of old, behold, he will give in his voice a voice of strength.

34Ye shall give strength to God: upon Israel is his majesty, and his strength in the clouds.

35O God, being wonderful in thy holy things: the God of Israel, he gave strength and powers to the people. Praised be God.

The Holy Bible Containing the Old and New Testaments; Translated Literally From The Original Tongues by Julia E. Smith

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