Daniel 4:10
Text Analysis
2376 [e]וְחֶזְוֵ֥י
And these [were] the visionsConj-w | N-mpc
7217 [e]רֵאשִׁ֖י
of my headN-msc | 1cs
5922 [e]עַֽל־
[while] onPrep
4903 [e]מִשְׁכְּבִ֑י
my bedN-msc | 1cs
2370 [e]חָזֵ֣ה
1934 [e]הֲוֵ֔ית
I wasV-Qal-Perf-1cs
431 [e]וַאֲל֥וּ
and beholdConj-w | Interjection
363 [e]אִילָ֛ן
a treeN-ms
1459 [e]בְּג֥וֹא
in the midstPrep-b | N-msc
772 [e]אַרְעָ֖א
of earth theN-fsd
7314 [e]וְרוּמֵ֥הּ
and its heightConj-w | N-msc | 3ms
7690 [e]שַׂגִּֽיא׃
was greatAdj-ms

Hebrew Texts
דניאל 4:10 Hebrew OT: Westminster Leningrad Codex
וְחֶזְוֵ֥י רֵאשִׁ֖י עַֽל־מִשְׁכְּבִ֑י חָזֵ֣ה הֲוֵ֔ית וַאֲל֥וּ אִילָ֛ן בְּגֹ֥וא אַרְעָ֖א וְרוּמֵ֥הּ שַׂגִּֽיא׃

דניאל 4:10 Hebrew OT: WLC (Consonants Only)
וחזוי ראשי על־משכבי חזה הוית ואלו אילן בגוא ארעא ורומה שגיא׃

דניאל 4:10 Paleo-Hebrew OT: WLC (Font Required)
וחזוי ראשי על־משכבי חזה הוית ואלו אילן בגוא ארעא ורומה שגיא׃

דניאל 4:10 Hebrew Bible
וחזוי ראשי על משכבי חזה הוית ואלו אילן בגוא ארעא ורומה שגיא׃

Parallel Verses
New American Standard Bible
Now these were the visions in my mind as I lay on my bed: I was looking, and behold, there was a tree in the midst of the earth and its height was great.

King James Bible
Thus were the visions of mine head in my bed; I saw, and behold a tree in the midst of the earth, and the height thereof was great.

Holman Christian Standard Bible
In the visions of my mind as I was lying in bed, I saw this: There was a tree in the middle of the earth, and its height was great.
Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

saw. Chal. was seeing. a tree. This represented his exceedingly prosperous condition, the height of his exaltation, the extent of his dominions and renown, the splendour of his kingdom, the multitude of his subjects who received protection from him, and the peace and plenty they enjoyed.

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Jeremiah 12:2 You have planted them, yes, they have taken root: they grow, yes, …

Ezekiel 31:3-18 Behold, the Assyrian was a cedar in Lebanon with fair branches, and …

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