Romans 12
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Living Sacrifices
(1 Corinthians 3:16–23; 1 Corinthians 6:18–20)

1I beseche you therfore brethre by ye mercyfulnes of God that ye make youre bodyes aquicke sacrifise holy and acceptable vnto God which is youre resonable seruynge of god. 2And fassion not youre selves lyke vnto this worlde: But be ye chaunged in youre shape by the renuynge of youre wittes that ye maye fele what thynge that good yt acceptable and perfaycte will of god is.

3For I saye (thorowe the grace that vnto me geve is) to every man amonge you that noman esteme of him selfe moare then it becometh him to esteme: but that he discretely iudge of him selfe accordynge as God hath dealte to every man the measure of fayth. 4As we have many members in one body and all members have not one office: 5so we beynge many are one body in Christ and every man (amoge oure selves) one anothers mebers Seynge 6that we have dyvers gyftes accordynge to the grace that is geven vnto vs: yf eny man have ye gyft of prophesye let him have it that it be agreynge vnto the fayth. 7Let him that hath an office wayte on his office. Let him that teacheth take hede to his doctrine. 8Let him that exhorteth geve attendaunce to his exhortacion. Yf eny man geve let him do it with singlenes. Let him that ruleth do it with diligence. Yf eny man shewe mercy let him do it with cherfulnes.

Love, Zeal, Hope, Hospitality
(John 13:31–35; 1 John 3:11–24)

9Let love be wt out dissimulacion. Hate that which is evyll and cleave vnto that which is good. 10Be kynde one to another with brotherly love. In gevynge honoure goo one before another. 11Let not yt busynes which ye have in honde be tedious to you. Be fervet in ye sprete. Applye youre selves to ye tyme. 12Reioyce in hope. Be paciet in tribulacion. Continue in prayer. 13Distribute vnto the necessite of the saynctes and diligently to harboure.

(Matthew 18:21–35)

14Blesse the which persecute you: blesse but course not. 15Be mery with the that are mery. Wepe wt them that wepe. 16Be of lyke affeccion one towardes another. Be not hye mided: but make youreselves equall to the of ye lower sorte. Be not wyse in youre awne opinios. 17Recopence to no ma evyll fore evyll. Provyde afore ho nde thinges honest in ye syght of all men. 18Yf it be possible howbe it of youre parte have peace with all men. 19Derly beloued avenge not youre selves but geve roume vnto the wrath of God. For it is written: vengeaunce is myne and I will rewarde saith the lorde. 20Terfore yf thyn enemy honger fede him: yf he thurst geve him drinke. For in so doynge thou shalt heape coles of fyre on his heed: 21Be not overcome of evyll: But overcome evyll wt goodnes.

Tyndale Bible of 1526

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