Job 5
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Eliphaz Continues: God Blesses those Who Seek Him

1Crye I pray thee, if there be any that will aunswere thee, & loke thou vpon any of the holy.

2As for the foolish ma, wrathfulnesse killeth him, and enuie slayeth the ignorant.

3I haue seene my selfe when the foolish was deepe rooted, and sodenly I cursed his habitation.

4His children were without prosperitie, and they were slayne in the gate, and there was no man to deliuer them.

5His haruest was eaten of the hungrie, & taken from among the thornes, and the thurstie drunke vp their labour: It is not the earth that bringeth foorth iniquitie,

6Neither commeth sorowe out of the ground:

7But man is borne vnto labour, like as the sparkes flee vp out of the hot coles,

8But I woulde aske counsell at the Lorde, and talke with God?

9Whiche doth great thinges and vnsearcheable, and maruels without number.

10He geueth rayne vpon the earth, and powreth water vpon the streetes,

11To set vp them that be of lowe degree, and that those which are in heauinesse may be exalted to saluation.

12He destroyeth the deuices of the subtyll, so that their handes are not able to perfourme that which they do enterprise.

13He compasseth the wise in their owne craftinesse, & maketh foolishe the counsell of the wicked.

14They runne into darknesse by fayre day, and grope at the noone day as in the night.

15But he deliuereth the poore from the sworde, from their threatninges, and from the violence of the mightie.

16He is the hope of the poore, & the mouth of the wicked shalbe stopped.

17Behold, blessed is the man whom God correcteth, therefore refuse not thou the chastening of the almightie:

18For be maketh a wounde and he healeth: he smiteth, and his hande maketh whole againe.

19He shall deliuer thee in sixe troubles, & in the seuenth there shall no euil come to thee.

20In hunger he shall saue thee from death, and when it is warre, from the power of the sworde.

21Thou shalt be hyd from the scourge of the tongue, & when destruction commeth thou shalt not neede to feare.

22In destruction and dearth thou shalt be mery, and shalt not be afrayde of the beastes of the earth.

23For the stones of the land shalbe confederate with thee, and the beastes of the fielde shalbe at peace with thee.

24And thou shalt knowe that thy dwelling place shalbe in rest, and thou shalt visite thy habitation, & shalt not sinne.

25Thou shalt see also that thy seede shall be great, and thy posteritie as the grasse vpon the earth.

26Thou shalt come also to thy graue in a full age, like a corne sheafe cut downe in due season.

27Lo, this we our selues haue proued by experience, and euen thus it is: Hearken thou to it also, that thou mayest take heede to thy selfe.

Bishops' Bible of 1568

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