Job 36:32
Good News Translation
He seizes the lightning with his hands and commands it to hit the mark.

New Revised Standard Version
He covers his hands with the lightning, and commands it to strike the mark.

Contemporary English Version
Each flash of lightning is one of his arrows striking its target,

New American Bible
In his hands he holds the lightning, and he commands it to strike the mark.

Douay-Rheims Bible
In his hands he hideth the light, and commandeth it to come again.

Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

In his hands he hideth the light, and commandeth it to come again.

Job 26:9 He withholdeth the face of his throne, and spreadeth his cloud over it.

Exodus 10:21-23 And the Lord said to Moses: Stretch out thy hand towards heaven: and may there be darkness upon the land of Egypt so thick that it may be felt. . . .

Psalm 18:11 And he made darkness his cover, his pavilion round about him: dark waters in the clouds of the air.

Psalm 135:7 He bringeth up clouds from the end of the earth: he hath made lightnings for the rain. He bringeth forth winds out of his stores:

Psalm 147:8,9 Who covereth the heaven with clouds, and prepareth rain for the earth. Who maketh grass to grow on the mountains, and herbs for the service of men. . . .

Psalm 148:8 Fire, hail, snow, ice, stormy winds, which fulfil his word:

Acts 27:20 And when neither sun nor stars appeared for many days and no small storms lay on us, all hope of our being saved was now taken away.

Elihu Declares God's Justice and Power
31For by these he judgeth people, and giveth food to many mortals. 32In his hands he hideth the light, and commandeth it to come again.33He sheweth his friend concerning it, that it is his possession, and that he may come up to it.…
Cross References
Job 37:11
Corn desireth clouds, and the clouds spread their light:

Job 37:12
Which go round about, whithersoever the will of him that governeth them shall lead them, to whatsoever he shall command them upon the face of the whole earth:

Job 38:35
Canst thou send lightnings, and will they go, and will they return and say to thee: Here we are?

Job 36:31
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