Job 5
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Eliphaz Continues: God Blesses those Who Seek Him

1Name me one els, yf thou canst fynde eny: yee loke aboute the, vpon eny of the holy men.

2As for the foolish man displeasure kylleth him, and anger slayeth ye ignoraunt.

3I haue sene my self, when the foolish was depe roted, that his bewty was sodely destroyed:

4that his children were without prosperite or health: that they were slayne in the dore, and no ma to delyuer them:

5that his haruest was eaten vp off the hungrie: that the weapened man had spoyled it, and that the thurstie had droncke vp his riches. It is not the earth that bryngeth forth trauayle,

6nether commeth sorow out of ye groude:

7but it is man, that is borne vnto mysery, like as the byrde for to fle.

8But now will I speake off the LORDE, and talke of God:

9which doth thinges, that are vnsearcheable, and marueles without nobre:

10Which geueth rayne vpo the earth, and poureth water vpon all thinges:

11which setteth vp them of lowe degre, and sendeth prosperite, to those that are in heuynesse:

12Which destroyeth the deuyces of the sotyll, so that they are not able to perfourme the thynges that they take in hode:

13which compaseth ye wyse in their owne craftynesse, and ouertroweth the councell of the wicked:

14In so moch that they runne in to darcknesse by fayre daye, and grope aboute them at the noone daye, like as in the night.

15And so he delyuereth the poore from the swearde, from their mouth, and from the hode of the cruell:

16that the poore maye haue hope, & that the mouth of the oppressoure maye be stopped.

17Beholde, happie is the man, whom God punysheth: therfore, despyse not thou ye chastenynge of the Allmighty.

18For though he make a wounde, he geueth a medicyne agayne: though he smyte, his honde maketh whole agayne.

19He delyuereth the out of sixe troubles, so that in the seuenth there can no harme touch the.

20In the myddest of honger he saueth ye from death: and when it is warre, from the power of the swearde.

21He shall kepe the from the perlous tonge so that when trouble commeth, thou shalt not nede to feare.

22In destruccion and derth thou shalt be mery, and shalt not be afrayed for the beastes of the earth:

23But the castels in the londe shal be confederate with the, & the beastes of the felde shall geue the peace:

24Yee thou shalt se, that thy dwellynge place shalbe in rest: thou shalt beholde thy substaunce, and be nomore punyshed for synne.

25Thou shalt se also, that thy sede shall encreace, and that thy posterite shalbe as the grasse vpon the earth.

26Thou shalt come to thy graue in a fayre age, like as ye corne sheeues are brought in to the barne in due season.

27Lo, this is the matter, as we oure selues haue proued by experience. Therfore now that thou hearest it, take better hede to thy selff.

Coverdale Bible of 1535

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