Psalm 41
Coverdale Bible of 1535 Par ▾ 

Victory over Betrayal
(John 13:18–30)

1Blessed is he, yt considreth ye poore: ye LORDE shal delyuer him in the tyme of trouble.

2The LORDE shal preserue him, and kepe him alyue: he shal make him to prospere vpon earth, and shal not delyuer him into ye wil of his enemies.

3The LORDE shal refresh him, when he lyeth sick vpon his bedd, yee thou makest his bed in all his sicknesse.

4I sayde: LORDE be mercifull vnto me, heale my soule, for I haue synned agaynst the.

5Myne enemies speake euell vpo me: whan shal he dye, and his name perishe?

6Though he came in to se, yet meaned he falsede in his hert, heapinge myschefe vpon himself.

7All they that hate me, runne together agaynst me, and ymagin euell agaynst me.

8They haue geuen a wicked sentence vpon me: when he lyeth, he shal ryse vp nomore.

9Yee euen myne owne familier frende, whom I trusted, which dyd eate my bred, hath lift vp his hele agaynst me.

10But be thou mercifull vnto me (o LORDE) rayse thou me vp, and I shal rewarde them.

11By this I knowe thou fauourest me, that my enemie shal not triumphe ouer me.

12Thou hast vpholden me because of my innocency, and set me before thy face for euer.

13O blessed be ye LORDE God of Israel, from hece forth and for euermore. Amen, Amen.

Coverdale Bible of 1535

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