Job 5
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Eliphaz Continues: God Blesses those Who Seek Him

1Therefore call, if there are any who will respond to you, and turn to one or another of the saints.

2Truly, anger condemns the foolish to death, and envy kills the petty.

3I have seen a fool with a strong root, and I have cursed his excellence without hesitation.

4His sons will be far from prosperity and will be crushed at the gate, and there will be none who can rescue them.

5Their harvest, the starving will eat. The armed man will rob him, and the thirsty will drink his resources.

6Nothing on earth occurs without a reason, and sorrow does not rise from the earth.

7Man is born to labor, and the bird to fly.

8Therefore, because of this, I will beg the Lord, and place my eloquence before God.

9He does great and unfathomable and miraculous things without number.

10He gives rain over the face of the earth and irrigates all things with the waters.

11He places the humble on high and encourages the grieving towards health.

12He dispels the thoughts of the spiteful, lest their hands be able to complete what they had begun.

13He catches the wise in their cleverness and dissipates the counsel of the perverse.

14They will encounter darkness in the daytime, and they will grope at midday just as in the night.

15Thereafter, he will act to save the needy from the sword of their mouth, and the poor from the hand of the violent.

16And there will be hope for those in need, for iniquity will diminish its speech.

17Blessed is the man whom God corrects; therefore, do not reject the chastisement of the Lord.

18For he wounds and he cures; he strikes and his hands will heal.

19He will deliver you into six tribulations, and in the seventh, evil will not touch you.

20During famine, he will rescue you from death, and during war, from the hand of the sword.

21You will be hidden from the scourge of the tongue, and you will not fear calamity when it arrives.

22In desolation and in famine, you will laugh, and you will not dread the beasts of the earth.

23For you are in harmony with the stones of the land, and the beasts of the earth will make peace with you.

24And you will know that your home has peace, and, concerning your appearance, you will not sin.

25Likewise, you will know that your offspring will be manifold and your progeny will be like the grass of the earth.

26You will enter the grave with abundance, just as a crop of wheat is gathered in its time.

27Behold, this is just as we have found it, which you have heard; walk it through your mind.

Catholic Public Domain Version

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