1 Chronicles 4
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1And these are the sons of Yehuda: Pharez and Khetsrun and Karmi and Yanur and Shubal. 2And Laiah, son of Shubal, begot Nakhath, and Nakhath begot Akhimi and Alyad; these are the generations of Rekhabam. 3And these the sons of Aminadab: Akhizarel and Neshma and Dibash. 4And Peguyel and Khushiya, and these are the sons of Khur, the firstborn of Aphrath, whose father was from Bayth Lekhem. 5And Akhishur, the father of Tequ, had two wives. 6And one of them bore Akhiram and Taphar and Tayman and Kharshtar; these were the children of one of them. 7The Peshitta omits this verse. 8The Peshitta omits this verse. 9And one of them was precious to his mother and to his father, and he called his name Aynay. 10And he said to him: “Blessing, LORD JEHOVAH will bless you, and he shall multiply your border, and his hand shall be with you, and he shall save you from the Evil One that he will not have power over you, and he will give you whatever you ask him.”

11And Kalab the brother of Akhia begot Mekhir; he was the father of Eshtun. 12And Eshtun begot Rupha, and Rupha begot Paskhi, and Paskhi begot Tekhia, and Tekhia begot Yazir.

15These were the sons of Kalab, son of Yuphna: the name of his firstborn son, Ala, and the name of the second, Naam, and the name of the third, Qanz, and the name of the fourth, Ashiph, and the name of the fifth, Yamuyel, and the name of the sixth, Yahrub, these were sons of Kalab, son of Yuphna. 19And the sons of the wife of Uriah, the sister of Nakhum, the father of Qayla: Zemri and Eshtmu and Makith and Eshtma and Ashimun. 20And the sons of Ashimun: Amon and Dumia and Zarakh and Shela.

24These are the sons of Yehuda: Yamueil and Yamin and Ahar and Yakeen and Tsakhar, and Reeb, and Zarakh, and Shaul, the brother of Nakhum, the father of Qayla. 25And the sons of Shela, the son of Yehuda. 26And the sons of Shemon: Mebsam his son, Mashma his son, Shemathi his son, Khemel his son, Zakki his son, Shami his son. 27And Shami had sixteen sons and six daughters, and his brother did not have many children, and all their families did not increase until the children of Yehuda came to him. 28And they dwelt with them in the towns of Beer Sheba, and in Mulada, and in Darath Shua 32And in Alha and in Etsrem and in Elathlad. 33And in Ansel and in Kherma and in Khatsragada and in Kheshmun and in Khethplet and in Tsnaqlag

34And in Marmarana and Samsala, these towns until King David, and their villages. 35And Aqim and Aqin and Remun and Athken and Ashen, five towns. 36And all the hamlets that were around these towns of the Arqites, these were the towns of their habitation, and they had the great name of their beautiful habitation, and tranquility and peace was around them. 38And these are the names of the Princes who were there with their families, and in the house of their fathers.

39And they came to the entrance of Gadar unto the east of the valley to seek pasture for their sheep. 40And they found pasture that was good and lush, and land great and good, and tranquility and peace was there because of those dwelling in it from the first. 41And these men who were written in the years of Hezekiah, King of the house of Yehuda, came and they destroyed their tents, and they polluted every spring of waters that was there until today, and they dwelt in their places, because the pasture of their sheep was very good. 42And some of the sons of Shemon went to the Mount of Gabel, five hundred men, and these are the names of the men who went to their front: Pelatiah and Matitha and Rephaia and Uziel; these four men, the sons of Ishi, went to their front. 43And they attacked with the sword all the rest of the Amalekites who were left, and they have dwelt in their place until today.

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