1 Samuel 19
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1And Shaul told Jonathan his son and all his Servants to kill David, and Yonathan, son of Shaul, was greatly delighted with David 2And Jonathan showed David and said to him: “Shaul my father seeks to kill you! Beware and dwell in a secret place and hide yourself 3And I, behold, I am going out and will stand on the side of my father in the field in which you are, and I shall speak about you to my father and I shall see what is in his mind and I shall show you” 4And Jonathan spoke good about David to Shaul his father, and he said to him: “Do not let the King sin against his Servant David, because he has not sinned against you, also his deeds are competent to you 5For he put himself in your hands and he killed the Philistine and LORD JEHOVAH performed great salvation to all Israel by his hand, and you saw and you rejoiced, and now, why do you sin against innocent blood and you would kill David without a cause?” 6And Shaul listened to the voice of Yonathan his son, and Shaul swore and said: “Living is LORD JEHOVAH! He will not die!” 7And Jonathan called to David and he showed him all these words, and he brought him to Shaul and he was with him as before

8And war continued, and David went out and fought with the Philistines, and he struck at them a great slaughter, and they fled from before him 9And an evil spirit of LORD JEHOVAH was on Shaul, and he sat in his house, and his scepterspear was in his hand, and David played before him 10And Shaul sought to strike the spear into David and into the wall, and he fled from before Shaul and struck the spear into the wall, and David fled and was delivered that night

11And Shaul sent Messengers to the house of David to watch him and to kill him at dawn, and Malkil his wife told David and she said to him, “If you do not save yourself, tomorrow you die!" 12And Malkil let David down from a window, and he fled and he went on and was saved 13And Malkal took a statue and she put it into the bed, and she set a skin of goats as its pillow and she covered it with a cloak 14And Shaul sent Messengers to take David, and she said: “He is sick” 15And Shaul sent Messengers to see David, and he said: “Carry him to me in the bed to kill him” 16And the Messengers came and behold, the statue was in the bed, and skin of goats its pillow, and they told Shaul 17And Shaul said to Malkil: “Why have you thus deceived me and you sent away my enemy and he has escaped?” And Malkil said to Shaul: “He said to me, ‘Let me go lest I kill you!’”

18And David fled and he escaped and came to Shemueil at Ramtha, and he showed him everything that Shaul had done to him. And he went on, he and Shemueil, and they dwelt in Yonath which is in Ramtha 19And they showed Shaul and they said to him: “Behold, David is in Yonath that is in Ramtha 20And Shaul sent Messengers to take David, and they saw a company of Prophets who were prophesying, and Shemueil preceded them, and the Spirit of God was on the Messengers of Shaul, and they prophesied also 21And they told Shaul, and he sent again other Messengers and they prophesied also, and he Shaul again sent Messengers a third time, and they prophesied also 22And he went on also himself to Ramtha and he arrived at a great pit at the end, and Shaul said: “Where are Shemueil and David? And they said to him: “Behold, in Yonath that is in Ramtha” 23And he went on there to Yonath that is in Ramtha, and the Spirit of God was also upon him and he went on and he prophesied until he arrived at Yonath that is in Ramtha 24And he even stripped himself of his clothes and he prophesied before Shemueil, and he fell naked all day and all evening. Because of this, they said: “Behold, Shaul is also among the Prophets!”

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