1 Samuel 20
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1And David fled from Yonath that is in Ramtha and came and said before Jonathan: “What have I done and what is my crime, and what is my fault before your father who seeks my life?” 2And Jonathan said to him: “God forbid it for you! You will not die! Behold, my father does no matter great or small that he does not reveal to me. Why would my father hide this matter from me? This is not so!” 3And David swore to him and said: “Because your father knows that I have found love in your eyes, he said, ‘Let not Jonathan know about this, that it will not grieve him’, however living is LORD JEHOVAH and living is your soul, if there is not a pace between me and death!” 4And Jonathan said to David: “Whatever your soul says, I shall do for you!” 5And David said to Jonathan: “Behold, the beginning of the month is tomorrow, and I sit down before your father to eat, and send me to hide in a field until the third evening 6If your father will surely ask about me, say to him: ‘David urgently requested of me to go to Bayth Lekhem his town, because there is a sacrifice of days for all the family’ 7If thus he will say, ‘very good’, your Servant will have peace and if it is very displeasing to him, know that evil is determined from his presence 8And do this favor with your Servant, because you brought your servant into a covenant of LORD JEHOVAH with you, and if I have committed a crime, you kill me, and do not take me to your father!” 9And Jonathan said: “God forbid it to you, because if I will know that evil is determined from the presence of my father, I shall come to you and I shall show you!” 10And David said to Jonathan: “Who will show me whether your father will answer you harshly?”

11And Jonathan said to David: “Come, we will go out to the field.” And they both went out to the field

12And Jonathan said to David: “LORD JEHOVAH, the God of Israel shall witness if I will not test my father about this time tomorrow, the third hour; if it is good for you, then I shall send to you and I shall show you 13Thus LORD JEHOVAH shall do to Jonathan and thus he will add to him, that if I am informed of evil against you from my father, I shall reveal it to you and I shall send you, and you shall go in peace, and LORD JEHOVAH will be with you as he ever was with my father 14And, oh, that as I live, perform with me the grace of God before I shall die! 15And do not let your kindness cease from my house to eternity, and when LORD JEHOVAH will destroy the enemies of David from the face of the Earth 16Jonathan shall rise with that of the house of David, and LORD JEHOVAH shall be avenged upon the enemies of David!” 17And Jonathan added to his oath to David in that he loved him; because of the love of his soul he loved him

18And Jonathan said to him: “Tomorrow is the beginning of the month, and you will be missed because your seat will be empty 19And at the third hour you are greatly needed and you shall come tomorrow to the place where you hid and sit on the side of this stone 20And, behold, I will direct to shoot three arrows to set a target 21And behold I will send a boy to go gather the arrows. If I say to the boy, ‘Behold, the arrows are beside you, and take them there and come.’ Know and see that he is at peace with you, and there are no evil matters; living is LORD JEHOVAH!” 22And if I say thus to the boy: ‘Behold, the arrows are beside you and beyond!’ Go, because LORD JEHOVAH is sending you away 23In the matter that we have spoken, you and I, behold, LORD JEHOVAH God is between me and you until eternity!”

24And David was hidden in a field, and it was the beginning of the month, and the King reclined to eat bread 25And the King reclined on his couch as at all times on the side of the wall, and Jonathan stood and he reclined and Abnir was at the side of Shaul, and the place of David was empty 26And Shaul did not say a thing on that day, because he said ‘Perhaps it happens that he is being purified, or perhaps he has not been purified’ 27And it was the next day of the first of the month, and the place of David was empty, and Shaul said to Jonathan his son: “Why did the son of Iyshay not come yesterday or today for food?” 28And Jonathan answered and said to Shaul his father: “David urgently requested of me that he would go unto Bayth Lekhem his town 29And he said: “‘Let me go, because there is a family sacrifice for us in the city, and ‘My brother commanded me and he said to me, ‘If I found love in your eyes’ I shall go and I shall see my brothers; because of this, he did not come to the table of the King”

30And the anger of Shaul was provoked because of Jonathan, and he said to him: “Son of lack of chastisement! Do I not know that you delight in the son of Iyshay, to the shame of the nakedness of your mother?! 31Because all of the days of the son of Iyshay on the Earth, you shall not be established, you and your kingdom! Now I shall send, I shall bring him to me, because he is a son of death!” 32And Jonathan answered and said to Shaul his father: “Why should he die? What has he done?” 33And Shaul lifted a spear against him to strike him, and Yonathan knew the purpose from the presence of his father was to kill David 34And Jonathan arose from the table in strong anger, and he did not eat on that day, the second of the first month, because it grieved him, because of David against whom his father was purposed

35And it was dawn, and Jonathan went out to the field to meet David, and a young boy with him 36And he said to the boy: “Run! Gather the arrows which I shoot!” The boy ran and he shot an arrow beyond him 37And the boy arrived as far as the place of the arrows which Jonathan shot, and Jonathan called to the boy and said: “Behold, the arrow is near you or beyond!” 38And Jonathan called after the boy and said: “Hurry quickly, and do not stay!” And the boy collected the arrows of Yonathan and he brought them to his Master 39And the boy did not know the matter, but Jonathan and David knew the matter 40And Jonathan gave his weapons to the boy and said to him: “Go, bring them to the city” 41The boy went in and David arose from the presence of the rock and came to Jonathan and he fell on his face on the ground and he bowed three times, and they kissed each man his companion, and they wept each man over his companion, however, David exceeded 42And Jonathan said to David: “Go in peace! We both have sworn in the name of LORD JEHOVAH, saying: “LORD JEHOVAH is between me and you and between my seed and your seed for eternity!”

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