1 Samuel 18
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1And when David had finished speaking to Shaul, the soul of Yonathan cleaved to the soul of David, and Jonathan loved him as his soul 2And Shaul took him on that day, and he did not allow him to return to the house of his father 3And Jonathan and David covenanted a covenant, because Jonathan loved David as himself 4And Jonathan stripped the robe which was on him and he gave it to David, and the garments that were on him, unto his sword and his bow and his girdle

5And David was going out wherever Shaul was sending him and he was conquering, and Shaul appointed him over the warrior men, and he was pleasing in the eyes of the people, also in the eyes of the Servants of Shaul

6And it was that when they came, as David returned when he had killed the Philistine, women went out from all the towns of Israel to sing with timbrels for the meeting of Shaul the King, on tambourines and with cymbals and with rejoicing

7And the women were responding and laughing and saying: “Shaul killed thousands and David ten thousands!”

8And Shaul was very provoked, and this saying was evil in his eyes, and he said: “They have given to David ten thousands and to me they gave thousands, and next the Kingdom is his!” 9And Shaul began to regard David with malice from that day

10And it was after some days and the evil spirit of God was opened up on Shaul, and he prophesied within his house, and David played before him as every day, and a spear was in the hand of Shaul 11And Shaul cast the spear and he said: “I shall strike David even into the wall!” And David was spun around from before him two times

12And Shaul was afraid in David’s presence, because LORD JEHOVAH was with him and had departed from Shaul 13And Shaul removed him from his presence, and he served him as Commander of a thousand and was going out and coming in before the people 14And David was intelligent in all his ways, and LORD JEHOVAH with him 15And Shaul saw that he was very intelligent, and he was afraid before him 16And all Israel and Yehuda loved David, because he was going out, also he was entering before them

17And Shaul said to David: “Behold, my older daughter Nadab I shall give to you as a wife, however, be Commander of the army for me and fight the battles of LORD JEHOVAH.” And Shaul said: “My hand will not be against him, but it will be the hand of the Philistines” 18And David said to Shaul: “Who am I and what have I done and what is my life and the family of my father in Israel, that I should take the daughter of the King?” 19And it was the time to give Nadab, daughter of Shaul, to David, and she was given to Azreil, who was of Mekhula, as a wife

20And Malkil, daughter of Shaul, loved David, and they told Shaul, and the statement was pleasing in his eyes 21And Shaul said: “I shall give her to him and she shall be a scandal to him, that the hand of the Philistines may be against him.” And Shaul said to David: “In the two of them you will be to me a son in law today!” 22And Shaul commanded his Servants, for they said to David, son of Iyshay: “Behold, the King delights in you and all his Servants love you! Now, be son in law to the King!” 23And the Servants of Shaul said to David these words, and David said: “Is this low in your eyes to be a son in law to the King, and I am a poor man and lowly?” 24And his Servants told Shaul, and they told him these words that David said 25And Shaul said: ”Thus you shall say to David. “The King does not desire a marriage dowry, except for two hundred foreskins of the Philistines, to be avenged of his enemies.” And King Shaul planned the overthrow of David by the hand of the Philistines 26And the Servants of Shaul told David these words, and the response was pleasing in the eyes of David, to be son in law to the King. And the days were not ended 27And David arose and he went on, he and his men, and he killed two hundred men of the Philistines, and David brought their foreskins and he brought them to the King, that he would be son in law to the King. And Shaul gave him Malkil his daughter as a wife 28And Shaul saw and knew that LORD JEHOVAH was with David, and Malkil, daughter of Shaul, loved him greatly 29And Shaul continued still to be afraid of the presence of David, and Shaul was the enemy to David all his days

30And the Princes of the Philistines went out, and it happened in the time that they had gone out, David was more successful than all the Servants of Shaul, and his name was honored greatly

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