1 Samuel 2
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1And Khanna prayed and she said: “My heart prevailed with LORD JEHOVAH and my horn is lifted up and my mouth was opened against my enemies, because you have gladdened me in your salvation!

2There is no one who is holy as LORD JEHOVAH, because there is none apart from you and there is no one who is mighty as our God!

3You shall not multiply speaking great things, and oppression shall not come forth from your mouth, because knowledge is of LORD JEHOVAH, and no schemes shall be established before him!

4The bows of mighty men shall be broken and the week are strengthened in power!

5And those filled with bread are sold and the hungry have more than enough! The barren woman has given birth and she is satisfied, and she who multiplied children is desolate!

6LORD JEHOVAH is he who puts to death and gives life, and he brings down to Sheol and brings up!

7LORD JEHOVAH is he who makes poor and makes rich, and he brings down and also raises up!

8He raises the poor from the dust, and from a dung hill he lifts the afflicted to seat him with Princes, and will cause them to inherit a throne of glory! LORD JEHOVAH covers the depths of the earth and he set the habitable Earth upon them!

9He shall keep the feet of his pure ones and the wicked shall be silenced in darkness, because it is not by his power that a mighty man is empowered!

10LORD JEHOVAH will break those who provoke him, and upon them in Heaven he shall thunder! LORD JEHOVAH shall judge the ends of the Earth, and he will give strength to his King and will raise the trumpet of his Anointed One!”

11And Halqanah went on to Ramtha to his house, he and Khannah his wife, and the boy Shemueil was ministering before LORD JEHOVAH, before Eli the Priest

12And the sons of Eli, the sons of sin, did not know LORD JEHOVAH 13And they made for themselves a fork of three prongs, and they were receiving the right of Priests from the people, from every man who offered a sacrifice, and the boy of the Priest was coming whenever there was cooked meat and the fork of three prongs in his hand 14And was reaching into the caldron or into the pot or the large hanging pot or to a pot, and everything that the fork brought out the Priest took to himself; thus they were doing to all Israel who were coming there to Shiloh 15Also before the sacrificers would offer up a sacrifice, a boy of the Priest was coming and saying to the man who offered it, “Give meat to bring to the Priest. I will not take from you boiled meat, only raw” 16And the man said to him: “They will surely offer today and take for yourself whatever your soul desires, and he said to him: “No! Give it now, and if not, I will take it by force!” 17And the sin of the boys was very great before LORD JEHOVAH, because they angered the men before LORD JEHOVAH

18And Samuel the boy was ministering before LORD JEHOVAH and was wearing an ephod of fine white linen 19And his mother made a small cloak for him and brought it up from time to time when she went up with her husband to sacrifice the sacrifices of his vow 20And Eli blessed Khalqana and his wife and he said: “May LORD JEHOVAH give you seed from this wife in place of the request that she asked of LORD JEHOVAH!”; and they went to their country

21And LORD JEHOVAH visited Khanna and she conceived and she bore three sons and two daughters, and the boy Shemueil grew before LORD JEHOVAH

22And Eli was very old, and he heard everything that his sons were doing to all Israel, and that they abused women who prayed in the Time Tent 23And he said to them: “Why are you doing according to these words that I hear, your evil reports from all this people? 24No, my sons, because it is not good that I hear, for you are driving away the people of LORD JEHOVAH! 25If a man will sin against a man, he may pray before LORD JEHOVAH, and if a man will sin against LORD JEHOVAH, to whom will he pray?” And they did not listen to the voice of their father, because LORD JEHOVAH desired to kill them

26And the boy Shemueil went on and became very great and was good before LORD JEHOVAH, also before the children of men

27And a man of LORD JEHOVAH came to Eli and said to him: “Thus says LORD JEHOVAH, ’I was truly revealed to the house of your father when he was in Egypt, of the house of Pharaoh 28And I chose him for myself from all the tribes of Israel to be a Priest that he would offer on my altar, and he would set incense before me and would take up the ephod, and I have given to the house of your father all the gifts of the children of Israel 29Why have you brought in my offerings and my offerings that I have commanded from the wilderness and you have honored your sons more than me, that you would choose the first of all the gifts of the children of Israel my people? 30Because of this, thus says LORD JEHOVAH God of Israel, “Speaking, I have said, ‘Your house and the house of your father shall serve before me unto eternity’, and now, says LORD JEHOVAH, far be it from me, because he who honors me I shall honor, and they who despise me shall be held in contempt! 31Behold, days are coming, says LORD JEHOVAH, and I shall cut off your arm and the arm of your father, and there shall not be an old man in your house 32Or he who holds a scepter in your habitation, anyone who will do good in Israel, and there shall not be an old man in your house all the days 33And I shall not deprive you of a man from my altar darkening your eyes and wasting away your soul, and all the increase of your house shall die as young men 34And this is the sign for you that is coming upon your two sons, upon Khaphni and upon Phinkhas: In one day they shall both die 35And I shall raise up for myself a Priest who is trusted as my heart, and he shall do according to that in my heart and in my soul, and I shall build for him a trustworthy house, and he shall walk before me, my Anointed One, all of his days 36And it will be that everyone who is left in your house will come to bow to him for wages of money and for a loaf of bread, and shall say: “Send me to one of the Priests that I may eat a piece of bread”

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