1 Samuel 24
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1And it was that when Shaul returned from going after the Philistines, they showed him and they said to him: “Behold, David is in Metsruth which is in Gebauth!” 2And Shaul took three thousand choice men from all Israel and he went on to search for David and for his men on the face of The Mountain of Goats 3And he came to folds of sheep which were in the road and there was a cave, and Shaul entered the cave and slept there, and David and his men were dwelling on the lower parts of the cave 4And his men said to David: “This is the day that LORD JEHOVAH spoke to you. Behold, your enemy is delivered into your hands. Do to him according to what is excellent in your eyes.” And David arose and slowly cut off the skirt of the robe of Shaul 5And after this, his heart saddened David, because he cut off the skirt of the robe of Shaul 6And David said to the men who were with him: “Forbid me from LORD JEHOVAH if I shall make this response to my Lord, the Anointed of LORD JEHOVAH, that I would reach my hands against him, because he is the Anointed One of LORD JEHOVAH!” 7And David moved the men who were with him to regret with these words, and he did not allow them to rise against Shaul. And Shaul arose from the cave and he went on in the way

8And David arose after this and went out from the cave, and he called after Shaul, and said: “My Lord, the King!” And Shaul turned back around, and David fell on his face on the ground, and he bowed 9And David said to Shaul: “You should not hear the words of men who say, “Behold, David seeks your harm! 10Behold, see today with your eyes that LORD JEHOVAH delivered you into my hands today in the cave, and the men who are with me said to kill you, and I had pity upon you, and I said: “‘I will not reach my hands against my Lord, because he is the Anointed One of LORD JEHOVAH!’ 11And turn and see also the skirt of your robe in my hands, because when I cut off the skirt of your robe, I did not kill you! Know and see that there is no evil or folly in my hands, and I have not sinned against you, and you are hunting to take my life! 12LORD JEHOVAH shall judge between me and you, and LORD JEHOVAH shall avenge me by your hands, and my hand will not be against you 13As it is said in a proverb of the ancients: “From the wicked will come forth wickedness”, and my hand will not be against you! 14After whom have you come out, King of Israel, and after whom are you chasing, after a dead dog and after one flea? 15LORD JEHOVAH shall be the Judge and he shall judge between me and you, and he shall see and he shall judge my cause and he shall avenge me by your hands!”

16And when David finished saying these words to Shaul, Shaul said to him: “Is this your voice, my son, David?” And Shaul lifted up his voice and wept 17And Shaul said to David: “You are more righteous than I, because you paid me good and I have paid you evil! 18And you have shown today that you have done good to me, for LORD JEHOVAH delivered me into your hands, and you did not kill me! 19And when a man finds his enemy and he sends him away on a good road, LORD JEHOVAH will reward him with good! LORD JEHOVAH will reward you in exchange for the good that you have done for me today! 20And now, behold, I have known that you will certainly reign and the Kingdom of Israel will be established in your hands! 21Swear to me by LORD JEHOVAH that you will not destroy my seed after me, and you will not destroy my name from the house of my father!” 22And David swore to Shaul, and Shaul went on to his house, and David and the men who were with him came up to Metspaya

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