2 Chronicles 29
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1Hezekiah was a son of twenty and five years when he ascended into the kingdom, and he reigned twenty and nine years in Jerusalem, and the name of his mother: Ani, daughter of Zechariah. 2And he did what is beautiful before LORD JEHOVAH, just as what David his father did.

3In the first year of his kingdom, in the first month, he opened the doors of the house of LORD JEHOVAH and he repaired them. 4And he brought the Priests and the Levites and he gathered them inside the courtyard of the Holy Place.

5And he said to them: “Hear me, Levites, also be hallowed now, and hallow the house of LORD JEHOVAH God of our fathers, and remove your evil works from your minds. 6And we shall not do as our fathers were doing, for they did evil before LORD JEHOVAH our God, and they left him and they turned their faces from the Tabernacle of LORD JEHOVAH, and they turned their backs, and they showed it. 7Also they shut the doors of the porch, and they put out the lamps and they did not offer up? incense burners on the altar? of God? of Israel 8And the anger of LORD JEHOVAH was against Yehuda and against Jerusalem, and he gave them to a curse and to desolation and to the sword, just as you see with your eyes. 9And behold, our fathers have fallen by the sword, and our women and our sons and our daughters are in captivity, now also we have strayed from going after LORD JEHOVAH our God, and we have forsaken the covenant that he gave to our fathers; also he has forsaken us!”

20And Hezekiah the King arose early and gathered the Elders of Jerusalem, and he entered the house of LORD JEHOVAH. 21And they brought him seven bulls and seven rams, and seven lambs, and seven kids of goats to atone for the kingdom, and for Yehuda, and for the Holy Place, and he spoke to the sons of Aaron the Priest, that they would offer up sacrifices on the altar of LORD JEHOVAH 22And they would slaughter bulls, and the Priests would take their blood, and they would sprinkle it on the horns of the altar, and they would slaughter the lambs and they would sprinkle their blood on the horns of the altar. 23And they would bring the kids before LORD JEHOVAH, and before the King, and before the people of Israel, and they would lay their hands upon them. 24And the Priests would slaughter them and they would sprinkle their blood on the horns of the altar, and they would make atonement for all Israel, because the King commanded all Israel, that they would bring offerings and sacrifices.

25And he stood the Levites in the house of LORD JEHOVAH with hymns of praise, with the sound of the harp and with the songs of David, and with the songs of Gad, the Prophet of King David, and of Nathan, the Prophet of King David, because David was ever the singer of the songs of LORD JEHOVAH his God, according to what was from the mouth of the Prophets. 26And the Levites stood with the songs of David, and the Priests were blowing with the curved and straight horns. 27And Hezekiah said to offer offerings on the altar, and when offerings began to go up, Hezekiah began to sing the praises of LORD JEHOVAH, according to what was from the mouth of David King of Israel. 28The people of Israel were bowing down and singing songs and were sounding with the curved and straight horns until they finished offering up offerings.

29And when they had finished to offer sacrifices, the King bowed on his knees, and every man who was found with him fell and they worshiped. 30And King Hezekiah and the Princes said to the Levites to sing to LORD JEHOVAH with the words of David and of Asaph the Prophet, and they sang well in joy, and they fell down, and they worshiped.

31And Hezekiah answered and said: “Therefore, because you are brought near to the way of LORD JEHOVAH, come and bring me sacrifices and thanksgiving to the house of LORD JEHOVAH.” And the people brought sacrifices and thanksgiving, and everything that their heart was desiring, they were bringing. 32And the number of the offerings that the people brought was seventy bulls, and a hundred rams, and two hundred lambs for the burning offerings of LORD JEHOVAH. 33All these bulls that were hallowed six hundred, and three thousand sheep. 34Only the Priests were few and were not able to serve up all the sacrifices, and their brethren the Levites helped them until all the work was finished, and after these things Priests were hallowed, because the Levites were humbled in their heart to be made holier than Priests. 35Also the offerings were in abundance, as the fat of peace offerings and of the lambs for the burning offerings, and the work of the house of LORD JEHOVAH was finished. 36And Hezekiah rejoiced and all the people of Israel, because the work of the house was finished, and the matter was sudden.

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