Amos 4
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1Hear this answer, heifers of Bayshan that are on the hills of Samaria, who oppress the poor and afflict the afflicted, and they say to their Masters: ”Bring to us, let us drink!”

2The Lord of Lords has sworn in his holiness: ”Behold, days are coming upon you and they shall take you away with weapons and the last of you in a cauldron of prey

3And to the breach a woman shall run before her, and they shall be cast to the mountain of Armenia”, says LORD JEHOVAH

4Enter into Bayth Eil and do evil and multiply doing evil into Galgala; bring your offerings at morning, and your tithes in three days

5And offer up leavened bread of thanksgiving and vow vows and fulfill them, for thus you have loved, children of Israel, says LORD JEHOVAH

6Also I have given you numbness of teeth in all your cities and lack of bread in all your places, and you have not returned to me, says LORD JEHOVAH

7Also I have restrained from you the early rain, three months of harvest, and I brought down rain on one city, and not upon another, and upon one part it rain shall descend, and the part upon which rain will not descend shall dry up

8And two or three cities shall be gathered to one city to drink water, and they shall not be satisfied, and you did not return to me, says LORD JEHOVAH

9I struck you with blight and with jaundice and with hail and many of your gardens and of your vineyards and of your fig trees and of your olives the palmer worm has eaten, and you were not turned to me, says LORD JEHOVAH

10I have sent the plague among you in the way of Egypt, and I have killed your young men by the sword with the captivity of your horses, and I spread the smell of your sewage among you, and you were not turned to me, says LORD JEHOVAH

11I have overturned among you as God overturned Sadom and Amora, and you are as a firebrand that is saved from the flame, and you have not turned to me, says LORD JEHOVAH

12Because of these things, in this way shall I do to you Israel; afterward, because I do this to you, be ready, Israel, that you will call to your God

13Because he who created the wind and created the mountains and shows to the children of man what his glory is, he makes dawn a blackness and treads on the height of the Earth; LORD JEHOVAH God Almighty is his name

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