Amos 3
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1Hear this word that LORD JEHOVAH spoke unto you children of Israel, to all the family that I brought up from the land of Egypt, and I said

2”You only I have known of all the nations and of all the families of the Earth; because of this I shall adjudge for you all your offenses

3Do two go together unless they have met?

4Does a lion roar in a forest when he has no flock, or does a lion lift his voice from his den unless he rips apart?

5Will a bird fall into a snare in the earth without a hunter, or does a snare rise from the Earth and snatch it?

6Does a trumpet sound in the city and the people not shake, or is there evil in the city that LORD JEHOVAH has not done?

7Because The Lord of Lords does nothing unless he reveals his secret to his Servants the Prophets

8A lion roars, who will not fear? The Lord of Lords speaks, who will not prophesy?

9Make heard concerning the palaces of Ashdod and concerning the palaces of the land of Egypt and say: ”Be gathered all of you to the mountain of Samaria and see the great commotion within it and the slander in it 10And they do not know to rebuke, says LORD JEHOVAH, and they gather plunder and spoil in their palaces

11Because thus says LORD JEHOVAH: ’suffering shall surround the land and its strength shall come down from it and its palaces shall be plundered’

12Thus says LORD JEHOVAH: as a Shepherd snatches from the mouth of a lion two legs or the lobe of an ear, in this way the children of Israel who dwell in Samaria shall suddenly be saved with a rod and by the people from Darmsuq

13Hear and testify in the house of Yaqob, says The Lord of Lords, the Almighty God of Israel

14Because in the day that I review the evil of Israel upon him, I shall review concerning the altars of Bayth Eil and the horns of the altars shall be cut off and they shall fall on the ground

15And I shall destroy the winter house with the summer house, and the houses of ivory shall be destroyed and many households will cease to exist, says LORD JEHOVAH

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Translated by Glenn David Bauscher
Glenn David Bauscher
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