Amos 5
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1Hear this word that I bear for you, a lamentation, house of Israel

2She is fallen and she will not rise again; the virgin of Israel is left on the ground and there is none who raises her

3Because thus says The Lord of Lords: the city from which they have been going out, a thousand will remain in it a hundred, and of those hundred who have been going out from it there will remain ten in it of the house of Israel

4Because thus says LORD JEHOVAH to those of the house of Israel: ’seek me for myself and live!

5And you shall not seek for Bayth Eil and you shall not enter Galgala and you shall not pass on to Beersheba, because Galgala to be taken captive shall be taken captive, and Bayth Eil shall be as if it never existed

6Seek LORD JEHOVAH and live, that he will not burn the house of Yoseph like fire and consume Bayth Eil, and there is none who puts it out

7They who overturn judgment to rebellion and righteousness to the ground

8They have left him who made Pleiades and the star Aldebaran and turned the shadows of death to morning, and darkens the day to night, who calls the water of the sea and he pours them out on the face of the Earth; LORD JEHOVAH is his name!

9Who authorizes the feeble over the strong and he lifts the meek over the high

10They hate the poor at the gate, and he who speaks correct things they despise

11Because of this, in exchange for the fact that you beat the poor on the head and you have taken a choice gift from him, the houses of cut stone which you have built, you shall not dwell in them, and the vineyards of desire which you planted, you will not drink their wine

12Because I know that your offenses are many and your sins mighty, the oppressors of the Righteous One have taken a bribe, and the poor in the gate they have turned away

13Because of this, he who understands in that time will be quiet for it, because that time is of evil

14Seek good and not evil that you will live, and thus LORD JEHOVAH of Hosts will be with you as you have said

15Hate the evil and love the good and appoint judgment in the gate; doubtless LORD JEHOVAH God The Almighty One shall have mercy on the remnant of Yoseph

16Because thus says LORD JEHOVAH God The Almighty One: ‘in all the streets, lamentations! And among all broad places they shall say, Woe, Woe! And they shall call the ploughman to grieving and to lamentations and those who know lamentations

17And in all vineyards, lamentations, because I am passing within you, says LORD JEHOVAH

18Woe to those who desire the day of LORD JEHOVAH! Why was the day of LORD JEHOVAH for you? It is of darkness and not light

19As when a man fled from before a lion and a bear met with him, and he entered the house and he put his hand on the wall and a serpent bit him

20In this way the day of LORD JEHOVAH is dark and not light; it is clouded over and there is no brightness in it

21I have hated and I have despised your feasts and I will not smell your Feast of Pentecost

22Even if burning peace offering will go up to me with your offerings, I shall not be pleased, and on the best of your fattened beasts I will not look

23Remove from me the sound of your singing and the music of your harp; I shall not hear them again

24And judgment shall be brought forth as the waters and righteousness as a mighty torrent

25Have you brought sacrifice and offering to me forty years in the wilderness, house of Israel? 26But you did take up the tent of Malkom and Kuun your image, the star that you had made a god for yourselves 27I shall take you captive far from Darmsuq, says LORD JEHOVAH, God of Hosts his name

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