Ezekiel 26
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1And in the eleventh year in the first of the month, the word of LORD JEHOVAH was upon me, saying: 2“Son of man, because Tyre said about Jerusalem, ‘Aha! The gates of the people are broken down, and they have turned to me, and she is desolate, and she was laid waste!’ 3Because of this, thus says THE LORD OF LORDS: ‘Behold, I am against you, Tyre, and I shall bring up upon you many nations as the sea brings up its waves 4And they shall destroy the walls of Tyre, and they shall destroy her towers, and they shall dig up her soil from her and I shall make her like a smooth stone 5And she shall be a place of spreading out nets in the sea, because I have spoken, says THE LORD OF LORDS, and she shall be loot for the nations 6And her daughters that are in the field shall be killed by the sword, and they shall know that I AM LORD JEHOVAH

7For thus says THE LORD OF LORDS: “Behold, I bring against Tyre Nebukadnetsar, King of Babel, from the north, the King of Kings on horses and with chariots, and with horsemen and with a multitude and with many people 8He shall kill your daughters in the field by the sword, and he shall set Watchmen over you, and he shall ambush you, and a shield shall be raised against you 9And he will put the points of his spears in your walls, and your towers they shall tear down with their swords 10From the treading of his horses the dust shall cover you, and from the sound of his horsemen and of the wheels of his chariots your walls will be moved, and when he enters inside your gates as he who enters the breached city 11And with the hooves of his horses he shall tread upon all your streets and he shall kill your people by the sword, and he shall overthrow the high places of your strength in the land 12And they shall plunder your food and they shall capture your livestock and they shall overthrow your walls and they shall tear down your desirable houses, and your stones and your wood and your wealth they shall throw into the sea 13And I shall stop the abundance of your singing, and the sound of your harps shall not be heard again 14And I shall make you a smooth rock and a spreading of nets, and you shall not be built again, because I have spoken, says THE LORD OF LORDS”

15Thus says THE LORD OF LORDS to Tyre: “From the sound of your fall and from the suffering of your slain and the murder of those murdered within you, the islands shall quake 16And all of the Princes of the Sea shall descend from their thrones and they shall take their garments from them and they shall strip the garments of their decorations, and they shall put on trembling, and they shall sit on the ground, and they shall be bewildered, and they shall not be comforted, and they shall be astonished at you

17And they shall lament over you a lamentation and they shall say to you: “How you are destroyed, dweller of the seas, the mighty city that was mighty in the Sea, she and her inhabitants, and all her inhabitants were overthrown!”

18Therefore the islands shall quake in the day of your fall, and the islands shall be troubled in the day of your fall

19Thus says THE LORD OF LORDS to Tyre: “Whenever I have made you the desolate city as a city that is uninhabited, and I shall bring the depths up over you, and many waters shall cover you 20And I shall bring you down with the descenders of the pit to the people of ancient time, and I shall make you dwell in the lower earth, in the desolations that are from ancient time with the descenders of the pit, and you shall not be inhabited, and I shall not perform your resurrection in the land of life 21I shall give you to destruction and you shall be sought and you shall not be found again until eternity, says THE LORD OF LORDS

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